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Three generations

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Kommer Damen

Today, with an international presence, multi-market penetration and some 9,000 employees, Damen is still very much a family company at heart.

Josien Damen
Dina Damen
Arnout Damen
Annelies Damen
Rose Damen
Bear Damen

Kommer Damen is Chairman of the company. His wife, Josien, organises a number of events and exhibitions for the company, as well as handling company sponsorships, such as with the Nederlands Dans Theater. His sister, Dina, manages the company's archives. The four children of Kommer Damen all have active involvement in Damen today. Arnout holds the position of Chief Commercial Officer, having joined the company in 2010 and Rose Damen has recently taken up the position of Commercial Director at Amels.

Last year, Bear produced the all-new Damen commercial movie, whilst Annelies manages the group’s real estate portfolio. The continuing involvement of the family ensures that Damen maintains the values that it has had from the start – listening closely to its clients to ensure they receive the vessels they need, taking care to provide its employees with a pleasant, productive place to work and always taking a long-term view in everything that it does.
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