DISCOVER Magazine #7

Wesley Biesheuvel

Published in category: People

Shipbuilding Engineer, Damen Shipyards Gorinchem, The Netherlands – 26 years

“Damen is well-known player in the shipbuilding industry. When I was looking at scholarships and school, I heard a lot about this company and their ships. I wanted my internship to be in a foreign country and I knew that Damen was an international company, so my choice was made. It was important to me to be able to develop my skills and my experience in order to become independent. When the news came that I had been chosen to do an internship in Vietnam, I was beside myself. To begin with, I shadowed the team and reported about the integral building. In addition, I wrote a report on ways to improve the material storage and material flow.”

“During this internship I gradually learned to understand the company. The thing that struck me the most was its excellent organisation. Damen is a company that really takes care of its employees. In Vietnam, I ended up in great surroundings with caring and helpful co-workers. After my internship, I had to continue my schoolwork for one and a half years, but I knew that I had to keep in touch with Damen. The company would be my future employer and I continued working once a week in the Engineering Support department. Even when writing my thesis, I executed it for Damen, where I made a concept design for a Tractor Tug prototype.”

Within the company there is a sense of unity. Everyone gives their best and is proud of the ships that we are building.

“As of now, I am starting to become a real ‘tugman’. My favourite ship is the ASD Tug 2411. Because the tugs are relatively small sized, this gives me the chance to work with all of the components and systems, instead of simply designing a small section of the tug. Damen feels like my second home where I have a versatile function. The company doesn’t hesitate to invest in good employees, and I am gaining more and more responsibilities. Currently I’m completing a project with two sold yard numbers. Damen puts their faith in me and I hope to prove to them that I am worthy of their trust. This is what gives me a feeling of satisfaction.”

“Within the company there is a sense of unity. Everyone gives their best and is proud of the ships that we are building. When working, or if you are on an internship, Damen will hand you a sufficient amount of chances, and because Damen grants you these opportunities the prospect of getting a job within the company is great. Finally, Damen is a stable base and a versatile company that will give you the chance to spread your wings.”

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