DISCOVER Magazine #7

Solco Reijnders

Published in category: People


27 years old and single
Following: the Damen Leadership Development programme
Chooses: the Stan Patrol 5009 as his favourite vessel

“Travelling and seeing the world is what energises me. That’s also what led me to Damen: I was looking for an internship abroad while I was getting my Masters in Offshore Engineering and I ended up at our agent in Venezuela. Luckily, I already spoke quite a bit of Spanish thanks to my volunteer work at a Peruvian orphanage, and that helped me out and it still does, in my current job. I’ve now been working for nearly a year as a Sales Trainee in Sales Americas (North and South America), for which I regularly travel to Venezuela and Cuba.

It’s a challenge for someone without shipbuilding or sales experience, but it was a completely conscious choice on my part. I was motivated by the responsibility I was assigned from day one; it’s good to be forced to step outside your comfort zone. I’m getting more confident about making decisions, but I’m also learning to recognise and apply strategies – management skills that we are also learning to develop in the Damen Leadership Development Programme. Along with 17 other young employees, I am taking a six-month intensive course in which we learn to solve problems using test cases and then implement the solutions in the larger Damen organisation.

The Sales branch is really the hub of the company: you’re right in the middle of the company and you’re involved with practically every department and process. That brings variety to the work: for me, one day might be full of all kinds of meetings, while the next might be handling quotations and calculation, while still another might find me in a yard far from home consulting with a client.

My ideal weekend? I have two different ones: In one, I do absolutely nothing – just watch movies, listen to music or read books. In the other I’m off with my friends for the entire weekend. We’d do something spontaneous, like organising a barbecue for 40 people in the middle of winter, or attend festivals or discover new places. I’m never bored – maybe I should opt for that first scenario a bit more often.”

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