DISCOVER Magazine #7

Preface by Kommer Damen

Published in category: People

Now that you have opened the fourth edition of our annual magazine, I hope you will have some time to browse through the many stories collected herein. In addition to articles about projects, customers, developments and ships, you will find stories that seemingly fall outside the world of shipbuilding. Examples are the article about the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and the interview with the acclaimed chef François Geurds.

As several markets in global shipbuilding are dependent on the oil price, many shipyards now have a somewhat grim outlook. However, due to our multiple-market approach and thanks to the effort and dedication of our workforce, we delivered a record number of 180 vessels to customers around the globe. I am sure that 2016 will be a tough year. At the same time I’m confident that our ongoing R&D efforts and drive to bring reliable products and lifetime services will see us through.

A noticeable development is that for a growing number of clients we build at a location of their choosing, even in places without a shipyard. Indeed, our Civil Construction Department has built or rebuilt several shipyards and slipways for customers worldwide. For ship owners, lowering the cost of ownership is of vital importance. That is why we have put 24/7 services, office monitoring of vessel operations and installing low-maintenance equipment at the top of our agenda.

Furthermore, we aim to provide answers to the quest for ‘green solutions’. To make that happen we are expanding our partnerships with end-clients, scientific institutions, suppliers and environmental interest groups. Together we are developing hybrid, electrical and LNG-propelled vessels, fuel savers like the ACES air lubrication system and ballast water treatment systems in order to play our part in creating a more sustainable future.

Meanwhile, we remain down to earth; just a family business trying to serve each and every client, small and large, to the best of our abilities and taking pleasure in the process. I hope you’ll find topics in this magazine that match your own interests and: you can read this edition online too at Should you have any comments on the print or online articles, or have feedback on our ships, please share them with us.

I wish you every success in 2016.
Kommer Damen

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