DISCOVER Magazine #7

Piotr Sabatura

Published in category: People


32 years old and single
Thinks: to learn something new every day
Chooses: the AHTS 200 as his favourite ship

“My father is a retired coast guard, meaning that I came into contact with the shipping world from an early age. Yet it was never my dream to stand at the helm as a captain; I wanted to learn more about how the industry works. After majoring in a Marine Market course at the Technical University of Gdansk, I started an internship at the Damen yard in my hometown when I was 26. While studying, you learn a lot, but work itself is even more instructive – every day I learn something new. I never had any doubts when I was offered a permanent position at the yard to become a member of the Damen family.

The relationship with my colleagues is important – after all, we do spend a lot of time together in the workplace. I offer a helping hand to anyone who asks for it. As well as talking about work-related matters, we also have wide-ranging conversations – our political discussions can get especially lively. When one of our colleagues goes on holiday we sometimes pull a practical joke to surprise them on their return. For example, we once sowed grass in someone’s computer keyboard – they came back to a small lawn!

During the week I like to spend my evenings at home with a book or movie on the sofa – Stephen King’s books and Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns are my favourites. My weekends are busier: playing football in an amateur league or watching an exciting match in the stadium. Unfortunately, cooking is not in my blood. Therefore, if possible, I eat out to discover new world cuisines. That’s unless there is a dinner with family or friends in my agenda, with board games for dessert. Even then, my work plays a part: as a child I liked to play Battleships whereas now I love playing strategic board games like Settlers of Catan.”

Dear reader, please note that position titles and job functions of Damen employees contributing to these articles is subject to change and description in this archive may, therefore become dated.

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