DISCOVER Magazine #7

Joris Jägers. Foreman Production, Gorinchem

Published in category: People

“It was a race against the clock to finish the very first FCS 2610. Damen wanted to premiere it at Seawork International in Southampton, so we only had a year for the whole project – engineering, construction and outfitting and completion.

It was a complex job because it was the very first time we’d produced that particular model. The whole team was highly motivated, in spite of all the overtime and extra work on weekends. A good atmosphere at work is important. Damen does a lot for its employees, and they are prepared to give a lot back – one good turn deserves another, so to speak! I really value being appreciated as an employee and having a good relationship with my colleagues. After almost 12,5 years, I still feel that this is the right place for me.

My roots are in the shipping industry. The great thing about my job is that I take part in the whole shipbuilding process, from beginning to end. From the coffee maker to the main engines – everything passes through my hands, in a manner of speaking. Damen is always working to develop and improve, and it feels good to contribute to that. What do I think makes the company so special? Well, even when I am on holiday in Italy, I spot a ship and think ‘Hey, that’s a Damen!’.”

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