DISCOVER Magazine #7

Joke Bek
Engineering Process Manager

Published in category: People

Joke Bek is no stranger to the diversity and career progression that working at Damen offers. In 2012, she started working at Damen Shipyards Gorinchem, first as a trainee in Service Logistics and later as a business analyst. In 2016, Joke moved within the Damen Group to take up the role of engineering process manager at Amels. “The Yachting side of the company had always fascinated me. I was intrigued by the complexity and beauty of the yachts and how everything is brought together in one complete polished and luxurious package,” says Joke. “It’s a very motivating environment to be in. There is positive ‘buzz’ around the yard and everyone takes great pride in their work. Beyond Amels, the beautiful beaches, coastline and family-friendly towns make Zeeland a great place to be based. Naturally, my work is not without its challenges but that is in fact what drives me the most. We are in a period of growth at the moment that brings with it a number of changes both in how and with whom we work. This in turn demands adaptability but also creates new opportunities and new projects.

“In line with these changes, my role has taken yet another turn. I am currently the project manager for the new CAD PDM implementation at Yachting. It is a long term project that will see engineering move over to an entirely new, state-of-the-art, 3D software platform for the configuration of yachts. It represents an investment in our future, preparing the way for more consistent, efficient, accurate and futureproof practices across the entire company.

“Gone are the days when people stuck to the same specific job for their entire career. There is now a global trend for people to switch careers or companies far more frequently. By formalizing procedures, standardising processes and documenting vital knowledge, Damen is safeguarding its future but also making it an even better company to work for. One that is willing to adapt and embrace the very best tools to provide its employees with everything they need to get the job done in the best possible way.”

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