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Jesse Roubos. Damen Services Project Engineer

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As Jesse Roubos, newly appointed Project Engineer Africa, explains, the diversity of the Damen Services portfolio and the challenges of the job mean that no two days are ever the same.

At just 27 years old, Jesse is responsible for some 12 countries, ranging from Cape Verde to South Africa, from Madagascar to the Seychelles.

With a background in automotive engineering, Jesse says the decision to enter the maritime industry has proved the right one, as he has enjoyed every day since. He joined Damen in 2011 as a Sales Engineer and specialises in Africa. “Working at Damen has a lot of advantages; on the one side it really is fun to work with colleagues who all share the same goal, and on the other side, you get to have contact with customers and we are all working together with our trusted suppliers to get the customers what they need.”


Jesse is very happy to be working in Africa, which is a continent he is fascinated with. “I really enjoy having face-to-face contact with our customers as much as possible and there are so many interesting and diverse countries in the region.”

Damen Services has so many products and services that the job is always challenging but this is also what makes it so interesting, he says. “You could be working on submitting tenders, developing a spare parts package, providing technical assistance to a client, arranging for our field service engineers to visit customers, arranging training programmes, making logistics plans or liaising with local suppliers.”

Customer support

“We support the customer throughout the entire process, from the offer and specifications, through to initial provisioning and assisting them with their maintenance needs by installing the our computerised maintenance management system DAMOS and we also provide technical training.”

Increasingly customers are not asking for one product alone, Jesse says. “Clients would like to have the benefit of Damen’s technical knowledge and experience in several areas. We can step in, understand their operations and help arrange their maintenance planning.”

Know your vessel!

For Damen Services, it is really important to get to know the vessels as much as possible and to understand the requirements and ambitions of the customer. For example, Jesse recently had the chance to work closely with the Project Manager responsible for the construction of a Fast Crew Supplier 1905 due to be delivered to Angola. “Once the vessel is in Africa I will be responsible for the after sales services and any warranty issues. So I wanted to familiarise myself with the vessel and understand what goals the customer wants to achieve.”

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