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Health, Safety and the Environment continue to be at the top of Damen’s agenda

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Damen is making considerable efforts to reduce its own energy consumption at its yards worldwide.

The Group introduced a Greenhouse gas measuring and Energy Management System last year, which conforms with ISO 14064 and is centralised in the Netherlands. Laure Jacquier QHSE Team Leader comments: “Now we can monitor electricity and gas use per department. This gives us insight into where energy is used the most, which is vital to be able to reduce consumption and to make efficiencies.

“If we want to reduce energy, we need more insight and then we can optimise the equipment.” This insight has subsequently led to installing a new compressor, upgrading all the welding equipment, and Damen is in the process of improving other equipment.

Other recent energy saving measures have included installing large cupolas in the main production hall to let as much natural light in as possible. Heating is optimised by being turned off at night and motion sensors have been installed in all the offices. Additionally a new system, which will automatically turn lighting off when there is enough natural light, is being tested.

A new maintenance department building at HQ has been designed in such a way and is so well insulated that it doesn’t need heating. Energy efficient lighting is used throughout and a central air-conditioning unit has been installed. Damen is reducing fuel consumption by using electric cars and by wide-scale use of video conferencing. And on the other side of the world, at Damen’s new yard in Vietnam, water is heated via solar panels.

In the Netherlands the company also buys green energy generated from offshore wind farms.

Gradually over the next few years, Damen’s standards in the Netherlands are being implemented at all of its yards worldwide. At the moment Laure and the team in the Netherlands are assisting QHSE managers at the new yard in Vietnam, which opened in March, so the same safety, environment and quality standards can be introduced. “Throughout the Damen organisation – wherever people are in the world – they need to understand our standards and what our customer expects.”

The QHSE manager for Vietnam has been trained at Damen HQ in understanding European QHSE standards and has grown to understand how the management system helps not only the companies, but also all the employees, she adds. This training programme will be offered to other QHSE managers from other yards in the Group this year.

In a bid to make sure it keeps up-to-date on these issues, Damen participates in multiple international organisations for the development of standards and regulations. “It is really important to participate and give our input into QHSE standards which will be introduced and prepare for any changes. Damen is bringing in users’ experiences to the international ISO Revision Committee; we are working together to develop the management system standards of tomorrow,” Laure emphasises.

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