DISCOVER Magazine #7

Chiel de Leeuw. Sales Manager Denmark/Finland

Published in category: People

38 years old and lives with Johanna and their son and daughter

Thinks: Offshore and Offshore Wind are the best markets
Chooses: the FCS 5009 as his favourite Damen ship

“When the maritime bug bites, it bites for life. I think that goes for everyone in the maritime sector. It happened to me when I was about ten and my parents moved the family to Medemblik. I was willing to move, but I had one condition: I wanted to take sailing lessons. Since then, my whole life has been dominated by water sports and shipping. Both professionally and personally, it’s all about water.

As sales manager, I’m responsible for the entire process, from scouting for clients and building a network to actually closing on project deals. There’s a lot of travel involved – in fact, I’m on the road about a hundred days a year. Denmark and Finland are my main destinations and also where I made my very first sale. It was a Fast Crew Supplier 2610, a ship that takes engineers to wind turbines in Denmark, for example for repair or inspection. The travel, Damen’s wide-ranging portfolio and the many different clients I work with make my job challenging and a lot of fun.

My ideal day off? It would start by my checking the wind, wave height and tide early in the morning. If the wind speed is 6 or higher on the Beaufort scale, then I’d be off to Wijk aan Zee to windsurf. The other option is no less appealing, however: my Beneteau is moored at Enkhuizen and we like to sail it across Lake IJsselmeer to the Wadden Islands. It’s a kind of “floating garden” for us, something we don’t have at my house in the centre of busy Amsterdam. I think it’s a good alternative! I also enjoy early morning walks on the beach with my partner and children, if possible with a kite and a leisurely breakfast. Whether or not I’m working, you’ll always find me near or on the water.”

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