DISCOVER Magazine #7

Bernard Tijs. Chief Financial Officer

Published in category: People

As of April 1st, Mr Bernard Tijs has retired as CFO of Damen Shipyards Group, a function in which he assisted the company for 10 years, creating a solid financial structure and playing a key role in Damen’s ongoing worldwide expansion. Although now ‘retired’, Mr Tijs will continue to advise Damen for some time to come.

Mr Tijs joined Damen in 2003, a period in which the company’s management put a lot of effort in turning the group into a ‘lean and mean organisation’ able to adapt quickly to market conditions. Both his knowledge and decisiveness enabled Damen to become flexible, adaptable and ready for the future, both financially and as to shipbuilding and – design.

In his own words: “It sounds strange, but nothing will change fundamentally. We have to produce the highest quality at the lowest possible costs and understand the needs of our clients – not think for them, listen to them! Just because your company has grown very fast, you should not think you’re something special. We only exist because of our clients.”

Damen thanks Bernard Tijs heartily for his many and successful efforts to help make Damen what it is today.

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