DISCOVER Magazine #7

Antony Michael

Published in category: People


34 years old
Married to Nidhi Simon and father to Simon (4)
Thinks: that everyone has the power within them to follow their dreams
Chooses: the ASD Tug 2810 as his favourite vessel

“Dream it, do it as if it is yours, go that extra mile – and one day it will be yours. That is my story. As a child I had vivid dreams about working on a ship in a harbour. It was as if I knew what my future had in store. To realise my dream, I decided to move from my home in Cochin – on the south west coast of India – to the most popular city in the Persian Gulf: Dubai. After studying Mechanical Engineering I started at the bottom of the ladder as a store clerk at Albwardy Marine Engineering.

I gained extra experience by helping the local fitters and mechanics with their work repairing ships after my regular working hours. My commitment didn’t go unnoticed – I was soon promoted to Assistant Supervisor, a function which stimulated my interest in the commercial aspect of the company. During the evenings and holidays I began preparing quotations for the basic requirements like supply items. This additional experience helped me attain the new position of Junior Estimator in 2008. Seven years later I became a Senior – a role that I broadened to include client negotiations. This dedication lead me to my dream job as Sales Manager. Looking  back, it was those extra miles that made all the difference – as well as all the people along the way who helped me.

Although my work brings me a lot of joy, weekends are the moment to unwind and be with my family. On my days off you
can often find us on one of Dubai’s beautiful beaches. We love taking the time to prepare a good meal – pepper crab or chilli prawns, for example. And if there’s some time to spare, I’ll play some cricket with my friends. Church also plays an important part of my weekends – as does a few extra hours sleep. It’s no secret why – every night I dream about ships!”

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