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An event to remember

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On her maiden voyage, the radically modern and luxurious yacht Event left Vlissingen (the Netherlands) and headed north to Norway’s wild coastline. A few months later the first build of the AMELS 199 design was in the Med, celebrated as the star of the Monaco Yacht Show. For AMELS CEO Rob Luijendijk, the yacht’s journey from conception to delivery has been extraordinarily memorable.

After receiving the first very positive responses on Event, we realised that the AMELS 199 is a true benchmark for our company,” says Rob Luijendijk. “We proved that within this 60 metre avant garde design, AMELS is able to offer our clients an exceptionally high level of customisation.

Event is not only a milestone for AMELS, but also illustrates the pinnacle of synergy between AMELS and Damen that helped develop such a unique and highly successful creation. In fact, award-winning British yacht designer Tim Heywood even derived the yacht’s signature curved ‘Scimitar’ sword bow from Damen’s Axe Bow concept.

About Amels

AMELS has been part of Damen since 1991. The Vlissingen yard is the largest superyacht facility in the Netherlands and one of the top three superyacht builders in the world. Up to 600 craftsmen, co-makers, engineers and project specialists work at the yard. AMELS is at the heart of modern high-value yachtbuilding in the Netherlands – a country with a reputation across the world as the home of premium quality superyachts. The yard is expanding and currently has nine projects under construction.

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In 2007 AMELS launched the LIMITED EDITIONS – five superyacht designs, all created with the Damen philosophy of comprehensive R&D followed by highly efficient builds leveraging Damen’s network of yards and smart procurement. Combined with the renowned AMELS engineering and luxurious finish, the LIMITED EDITIONS are high quality and proven platforms that offer short delivery times as well as a high level of individualised design.

Visit to discover more about AMELS. You will find interesting videos , including of the first AMELS 199, EVENT!

Tailored to her Owner’s wishes

In 2011 the first AMELS 199 hull was in production when she was sold. In cooperation with Imperial, the brokers who sold Event and supervised construction, the Owner delved into the design and build – stamping a very personalised touch on Event. Although construction was already under way, Tim Heywood and AMELS rose to the challenge of significantly reconfiguring the initial design.

superyacht deck view

The final design required introducing a closed stairwell all the way to the top, an enclosed lounge and screening room on the sundeck and major changes to the internal staircase to connect all levels. The Owner also required a touch-and-go helipad on the foredeck which can accommodate a twin-turbine Eurocopter EC135 or Bell 427. Not to mention an additional folding bulwark with integrated boarding ladder and finally, the Owner selected a fully customised interior by the designer Laura Sessa.

superyacht helicopter deck

Despite the steel already having been cut and the early stages of production well under way, it was still possible for AMELS to accommodate these significant alterations, as project manager Adriaan Roose explains: “With almost 30 people working in the in-house design team, we put tens of thousands of man hours into the initial design and engineering plans for the boat. This gave us a strong design base to work from, so when it came to customizing the deckhouse and helideck, it only took us an additional 5,000 hours of design time to make these changes to hull No.1.”

customized yacht exterior and interior

Madness of superyacht building

Following the hull production, EVENT arrived at the AMELS yard in Vlissingen, where the madness of superyacht building took over. A lot of effort went into planning spaces and in particular varying the luxury interior spaces while keeping the platform intact. An example is the centralisation of the AMELS 199’s air-conditioning system into one space – not only does this free up more luxury space, but the maintenance schedule is much easier.

The largest of Event’s window units weighs in at 600 kilos and all incorporate heat reflection and noise dampening within the structure. Their manufacturer designed a robotic fitter, tall enough to fit the window units from the outside – the only option, as the units are so large and heavy.

The largest of Event’s window units weighs in at 600 kilos

“The Scimitar bow also created more space, which gave the designers the option to locate the tender garage further forward. Enormous gullwing doors on port and starboard hide a vast internal tender garage. Push a button and the doors open, and the crew can deploy the 8-metre limo-tender in under five minutes using an overhead crane that lifts the tender and slides it out in one smooth operation”, Adriaan quips.

AMELS prides itself on luxurious paint finishes and Event is no exception. Almost every component – from the radar to the engine room valves – are painted and repainted to perfection. It takes 12 months to paint a yacht of this size, all meticulously by hand. Factoring in enough time for the painters to do the job and allowing the paint and filler to cure is essential. In such builds, the paintwork is the critical path, determining the delivery date. To ensure a perfect finish, the halls are fully climate controlled for the perfect temperature and humidity.

Engineered for luxury

With her Scimitar bow, the AMELS 199 is such a departure from the norm that AMELS invested heavily in the naval architecture. During laborious upfront engineering, the designers efficiently placed every pipe, duct, hydraulic system and electrical conduit. Event also benefited greatly from Damen’s extensive R&D facilities. From tank testing the hull at MARIN, AMELS discovered the boat was slightly faster than originally predicted by the computer fluid dynamics (CFD) software.

“The Scimitar bow also created more space, which gave the designers the option to locate the tender garage further forward. Enormous gullwing doors on port and starboard hide a vast internal tender garage. Push a button and the doors open, and the crew can deploy the 8-metre limo-tender in under five minutes using an overhead crane that lifts the tender and slides it out in one smooth operation”, Adriaan quips.

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A complete floating interior helps reduce noise and vibrations, combined with attention to detail from the tank deck up. Sound measurements taken on sea trials throughout the yacht were lower than the design limits at 43 to 46dbA – an achievement that did not go unnoticed by those on board during Event’s maiden voyage. Many commented on the low level of vibration and noise.

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For the up to 12 guests on board, accommodation is at the very highest standard, including two VIP cabins on bridge deck that offer astonishing views. Plus, the lower deck guest cabins have direct access to the stern beach club. Event has facilities for 16 crew members, pampering those lucky enough to join her on both epic travels (she has a transatlantic range of 5,000nm @ 13 knots) and unforgettable encounters with the sea (her side opening balconies enhance the inside outside feeling).

Return on investment

This yacht is without doubt the greatest thing I have produced

With the maiden voyage to Norway in the planning for more than a year, the construction team couldn’t afford any slippage in the schedule of delivery. True to their reputation, AMELS delivered the completed Event on time last year.

Event required four years to complete, compared to the typical two years for a LIMITED EDITION. During the first two years of development, AMELS and Damen put a lot of effort into engineering the AMELS 199. However, they were confident this investment in precision would help them sell the second AMELS 199, and so it proved. The contract was signed following Event’s dramatic debut at the Monaco Yacht Show. Now under construction, the second AMELS 199 is due for delivery in Spring 2015 – a beautiful confirmation of the radical concept created on the boards of Tim Heywood and delivered by the craftsmen at AMELS.

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“This yacht is without doubt the greatest thing I have produced,” the designer enthuses. “It’s not the longest, it’s not the biggest volume – but it’s just a jewel. It’s everything that I’ve wanted to do, and I am just so proud of Event.”

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