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Damen Yacht Support crew on deck

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Photo by Guillaume Plisson for Imperial

Damen Yacht Support is not the only successful team in this emerging yachting niche; the captains and crews operating these vessels have become a niche of their own, too.

Yacht Support crews support high-end superyacht owners with tenders, helicopter and submersible operations as well as extra staff, guides, pilots and specialist dive teams. Kenan Seginer has captained one of Damen’s Yacht Support vessels. He is also a helicopter pilot who understands the logistical demands of operating complex machinery at sea – often far away from established yachting infrastructure.

Testimonial Captain and Heli Pilot Kenan Seginer

“The toys, the size of the tenders and the fluidity, spontaneity and quickness of being able to deploy them is fantastic. We loved the storage. It still has that cargo vessel side to it. Basically, it all goes back to real estate on the main yacht.”

“One of the things we struggle with in our industry is where do you put all the staff that you need to provide the standard of service that you expect.”

If you have a Yacht Support vessel, you can have as many crew as you want.

Full interview with Captain Kenan Seginer

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