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Damen Sea Axe Fast Yacht Support vessel fits perfectly into the superyacht world

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Since the Fast Yacht Support Range entered the market in 2010 it was clear that Damen and AMELS were offering something completely new to the yachting world. This impact on the market is reflected in the fact that four Sea Axe Fast Yacht Support vessels have now been delivered and three are under construction.

AMELS is the most successful superyacht builder in the Netherlands and has been part of Damen Shipyards Group since 1991. Due to the growing interest and demand for these vessels Damen has created a specialised Yacht Support Department headed up by Mark Vermeulen.

Mark comments: “Our success in Yacht Support is undoubtedly due to the unique combination that Damen and AMELS provide. We bring a combined expertise that no one else can match. You’re buying into a unique package of Dutch expertise, the specialist superyacht knowledge of AMELS and the benefit of its parent company Damen.”

Dutch expertise

Traditionally, Yacht Support vessels have been built to a low standard and as a consequence they have been slow to gain acceptance in the demanding superyacht world, AMELS Managing Director, Rob Luijendijk explains. “The low performance of most support ships, and also the fact that many are quite ugly and finished to a low quality – all these factors have meant superyacht owners have tended to look the other way.”

“We wanted to address all those shortcomings by offering a support ship that is capable of carrying large and valuable items safely, is fast in all weathers, and looks every bit as good as she performs.” Hence, the creation of the Damen Sea Axe range, which is marketed by AMELS. This range is perfect for providing a powerful, elegant, fully faired support vessel for the mother ship, finished to a superior standard, that fits right into the superyacht world.

70 m plus version

Built by Damen, the Sea Axe Fast Yacht support range was initially launched with the 37-m and 50-m models, of which two are already in active service and then in the summer 2012, the first 67-m Sea Axe 6711 – the Garçon – was delivered. A 70 m plus version is also being developed.

Yacht Support vessels provide space for larger toys including 45 ft tenders, submarines and jet skis, etc. They can also go on ahead of the mother yacht and set up in a bay of choice meaning that the owner doesn’t have to wait to get everything arranged. Additionally, they provide more privacy and security, as well as better safety when it comes to helicopter operations, with the helipad facilitating a 5,000 kg take-off wait.

When Garçon, was launched one of her first duties was to sail to the Monaco Yacht Show. Rob Luijendijk points out: “Anyone who saw the Sea Axe 6711 in Monaco against the backdrop of so many luxury yachts would understand what we mean when we say the Sea Axe fits into the superyacht environment beautifully. Her angular beauty and yacht-quality finish make her look right at home in Monaco – or any other luxury destination.”

Industry award for innovation

And subsequently, the 67 m Garçon has been recognised by the industry when it won the International Superyacht Society (ISS) Award of Distinction for Innovation.

Garçon was designed and customized according to the requirements of the client, the owner of an 87 m luxury superyacht. The vessel’s innovative Axe Bow and underwater body shape enable her to reach speeds between 18-25 knots in all sea states, making this a fast and dependable support ship – whatever the weather. Garçon has 235 m² deck space, which makes room for a fully certified helipad.

The unique bow and underwater body shape of the Sea Axe design enables it to maintain high average speeds in all sea states, making this a fast and dependable support ship – whatever the weather.
Different engine configurations are available, but if speed is of the essence, then the Sea Axe 6711 is capable of delivering up to 25 knots. Great care has also been taken with the aesthetic design and high quality finish of the ship. The bridge interior is finished to superyacht standards and the exterior is painted to the same quality as a superyacht. And, as in the case of this first order of the Sea Axe 6711, there is an option to finish the deck in hard-wearing but good-looking Bolidt artificial teak.

Watch the Sea Axe 6711 on her sea trials at AMEL’s new website:

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