DISCOVER Magazine #7

Amels goes further beyond

Published in category: Yachting

Plvs Vltra is the first 74-metre Amels 242 (242 ft) from the Limited Editions range. The superyacht’s streamlined Tim Heywood design and characteristic paint scheme make her instantly recognisable at any marina. Delivered in 2016, this family boat features large outdoor spaces, a 6.5-metre long pool and a Jacuzzi above the wheelhouse.

“The Owners were heavily involved in the design aspects,” reports Captain Simon Truelove. “When they came to meet us for their first trip on board, they were absolutely stunned at the outcome.

They were blown away by the detailing and the quality.

Connections to the sea include the unique wellness centre midships with a folding beach balcony. The yacht has a dedicated owner’s deck with forward-facing owner’s suite – exquisitely crafted with interior designer Andrew Winch’s fresh take on Côte d’Azur grandeur. The Amels 242 has quickly become a signature design for large yachts in the Amels Limited Editions range. Amels is already working on the fourth Amels 242 for delivery in 2019.

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