DISCOVER Magazine #7

Two Fast Ferries for Saint Pierre et Miquelon

Published in category: Markets

In 2015 La Collectivité de Saint Pierre et Miquelon (France) awarded Damen the contract for two new Mixt Ferries to operate between the two Islands St Pierre & Miquelon and Fortune (Canada). On March 11th 2016 in Paris, the president Mr Stéphane Artano and Mr Reinier van Herel have signed the contract enabling Damen to start construction of the two Damen Fast RoPax 5510.

In close cooperation with the client, Damen designed the Damen Fast RoPax 5510, with a capacity for 192 passengers and crew, 3 trucks or 18 cars and cargo. The speed and excellent seakeeping of the ferries ensures a 25 mile crossing in just over an hour.

The ferries, which will be operated by Régie des Transports Maritimes, will make the islands much more accessible. This will encourage, amongst other things, an increased level of tourism in the region.

The ferries will be customised to withstand severe weather and built under the regulations of Marine Marchande and registered under French Flag. Additionally, given the pristine environment in which the ferries will operate, it was important that emissions be minimised. The new ferries are IMO, EPA, MARPOL and Transport Canada compliant.

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