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True definition: Damen components

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As well as the delivery of complete vessels, the Damen Shipyards Group features subsidiaries that deliver a range of high-quality maritime components both within the group and to clients externally.

Production & partnership
Damen Marine Components (DMC) operates from three sites – Hardinxveld in the Netherlands, Gdansk in Poland and Suzhou in China. DMC specialises in the production of nozzles and vessel optimisation equipment. Its remit extends beyond production, however and clients are able to tap into extensive in-house experience.

“We act as a partner to our clients,” explains DMC Managing Director Steef Staal. “For example, we can advise them, depending on what type of vessel they are operating, which nozzle is best for them, and also how best to connect it to the ship in order to reduce noise and vibration.”

Damen Anchor & Chain Factory (AKF) delivers a wide range of anchors and chains and also carries out repairs and testing to Lloyds Register standards. Theo Kloosterman is Manager of the Port of Rotterdam-based factory.

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Swift stock service
“We keep anchors between 150 and 10,000 kg in stock – along with chain between 16 and 100 mm, although we can source anchors and chains of any size. Maintaining stock naturally means the majority of orders can be dispatched with the utmost speed. We can usually deliver stock orders within 2 or 3 days,” says Theo.

The company also tests anchors – along with offshore handling systems – and carries out maintenance and repair work. “We have a small team,” Mr Kloosterman explains, “so we work closely with Van Brink to carry out Europoort harbour-based installation of anchors and/or anchor chain lines on vessels calling on our territory.”

A further example of group cooperation is DMC’s frequent collaboration with Van der Velden® Marine Systems. Based in Krimpen aan de Lek, the Netherlands, the Damen subsidiary supplies high-standard rudders and steering equipment for vessels ranging from small pleasure craft to 20,000 TEU container vessels. Van der Velden® CEO Paul van Maanen says becoming part of the Damen Group 3 years back presented a great opportunity for the company. “Since Damen invested in Van der Velden® we’ve really focussed attention on our core business and, especially in the past 12 months, we’ve enjoyed a lot of success.”


Power of three
During that time, Van der Velden® has brought no fewer than three pioneering products on to the market. “The first of these is the Flex Tunnel,  which is  designed mostly for vessels operating on inland waterways,” states Paul. The tunnel is designed to be withdrawn for the 85 % of the time that it is not required. “This way it does not contribute resistance when the vessel is operating in normal conditions.”

Van der Velden® also developed an asymmetric, s-shaped rudder for improved hydrodynamics. The rudder has been combined with optimised propellers from Mecklenburger Metallguss (MMG) to provide minimal fuel consumption, vibration and maintenance. This ESPAC™ (Energy Saving Package) provides minimal fuel consumption, vibration and maintenance.

The Barke Optimised Steering System (BOSS™) provides direct feedback to the helmsman regarding forces impacting on the rudder. “If you don’t have such information in real-time,” explains Paul, “you are always correcting the course of the vessel and oversteering. With feedback direct to the bridge you can optimise navigation and considerably reduce fuel consumption.”

Forming the whole
DMC, Van Der Velden® and AKF are just three examples of companies within the Damen Shipyards Group that represent a crucial, individual element in the provision of a comprehensive range of maritime services. Each one acting as part of the larger whole; the true definition of the word component itself.

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