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Conversion project Polarcus Naila

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Ship repair and conversion yard Shipdock Amsterdam received a contract for the propulsion upgrade of the 3D Seismic Vessel Polarcus Naila. The ultra-modern vessel arrived at Shipdock in February 2014 for its six-week conversion.

In addition to the propulsion upgrade the vessel underwent modification works in order to be classified as a Special Purpose Ship. Furthermore, the scope of work included Ballast Water Treatment installation (see separate article), installation of a new workboat and davits, relocation of the MOB and the 5-year special survey.

Pre-fabrication works on the two gondola’s, which need to be fitted to the vessel, have been done at Niron Staal. They were completely outfitted before arrival of the vessel at the yard. Niron Staal, also part of Damen Shipyards Group, is a specialised steel construction and machining company located in the Port of Amsterdam on the premises of Shipdock.


Not only Shipdock Amsterdam and Niron Staal were involved in the Polarcus Naila project, also Damen Marine Components (DMC) played her part in it. As a partner and supplier of Caterpillar Marine (former Berg Propulsion), DMC has provided two Damen Optima nozzles with an inner diameter of 4,545 mm.

The vessel was at the yard in Amsterdam for a period of 35 days in which the conversion works were realized. Taking day rates of a Seismic Survey Vessel into account, time literally is money and the vessel needed to be back in business as soon as possible. It is therefore not surprising that Polarcus decided to bring the vessel to Shipdock Amsterdam, fully aware of the management and technical capabilities, due to experiences in the past. Polarcus and Shipdock have been working together since 2010. The relation between the companies has strengthened and formed the basis for the successful booking of the upgrade conversion job.

Polarcus Naila is a 12-streamer 3D/4D Seismic Vessel. Delivered in 2010, she is built to an Ulstein design. The Naila combines the latest developments in maritime systems with the most advanced seismic technology commercially available. The vessel is also amongst the most environmentally sound seismic vessels in the market, with diesel-electric propulsion, high specification catalytic convertors, double hull, and an advanced bilge water cleaning system. The vessel complies with the stringent DNV Clean Design notation. Polarcus Naila and her sister ship Polarcus Nadia are the only vessels with thruster units in the Polarcus fleet.

Propulsion upgrade for 3D Seismic Vessel Polarcus Naila
Ship name
Polarcus Naila
Shipdock Amsterdam
Types of works done for this project:

  • Conversion
  • Propulsion upgrade
  • Modification works
  • Ballast Water Treatment installation
  • Installation of new workboat and davits
  • Relocation of the MOB
  • 5-year special survey
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