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“The two Stan Patrol 5509 Damen patrol vessels for the Italian customs agency, Guardia di Finanza, represented a development for the Vittoria Shipyard, says Managing Director Luigi Duт. Previously, the all-weather search and rescue and multipurpose patrol vessels we built were smaller in size, but with similar high performance. The collaboration with Damen has certainly generated considerable technological advances, and I believe that the brilliant final result can be attributed, above all, to this. Each of our companies brought its own particular working experiences, gained from similar business histories. Both were founded in 1927 and are today still run as family businesses.

On the one hand Damen has contributed a valid, proven design, whilst the Vittoria Shipyard has successfully cooperated, with its knowledge of the particulars of the local employment market. Our Shipyard has dealt with the various construction problems efficiently, in consultation with representatives of the Guardia di Finanza, always finding the best solutions.

Evidence of the quality of the work carried out can be clearly seen in the daily operation of the two patrol vessels, P.01 Monte Sperone and P.02 Monte Cimone, which for several months now have been operating successfully in the delicate Frontex immigration operations in the Mediterranean.”

The collaboration with
Damen has certainly
generated considerable
technological advances!

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