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Damen Technical Cooperation builds vessels at any yard in the world

Over the last four decades Damen Technical Cooperation (DTC) has assisted shipowners and shipyards build more than 1,000 vessels in more than 70 countries around the world.

DTC embodies a unique concept, and means that Damen vessels can literally be built anywhere, with Damen supplying everything from the licence or design, to a full material package. DTC can even assist customers build a shipyard or jetty at a greenfield site or help upgrade an existing facility. Civil works are executed in cooperation with Damen Services.

Damen can build at any location in the world and any yard can build a Damen designed vessel, Frits van Drenth, Product Director DTC, comments. “There is so much flexibility, DTC can supply the plan for a vessel or a complete knock-down material package (a shipbuilding kit) and everything in between.”

Past projects

Projects have ranged from 66 m Hydrographic Survey Vessels in Thailand and Vietnam, fishing vessels, tugs and ferries in Cuba, 55 m patrol vessels in Italy to 90 m Patrol Craft in Vietnam. In another example DTC has worked closely with Wilson Sons in Brazil for many years. Wilson Sons buys designs and part material packages from DTC for building its tugboats and Platform Supply Vessels (see the article on page 93). Essentially, any vessel in Damen’s entire range can be built via DTC.

Damen can build at any location and any yard can build a Damen designed vessel

Local employment

And with many countries in the world specifying that there should be more local content, there is expected to be increasing demand for DTC’s services. Countries want to protect their economy or perhaps gain shipbuilding knowledge to provide employment for local people, says Mr Van Drenth.

“A big advantage for customers of DTC is this transfer of technology and knowledge. They can upgrade their own yards and improve their employees’ skills, which in turn, builds up the shipbuilding industry. A DTC package allows yards to employ the local workforce and this gives a big boost to the economy.

For some projects Damen Services provides additional crew training on location or at Damen’s headquarters in the Netherlands.

More than 1,000 ships built on location. No yard? No problem!

Current projects

Currently, Damen vessels are being built in at least 15 countries at non-Damen shipyards. At the moment, two 26 m patrol craft are being built in Ecuador. Here DTC has supplied the full material package, including the steel, which has even been cut and bent to size. In addition, ASD Tugs and Stan Patrol vessels are being built in Qatar and four tankers are underway in Vietnam for an Australian owner.

In an historic project, Malawi will soon get its first ever new-built aluminium vessel – a 33 m Fast Crew Supplier – which is being built at a yard based on the shores of Lake Malawi. Damen supplies tools and equipment, as well as providing support for the yard.

In addition to supervising the project, DTC is supplying skilled welders to assist during the building process and to train local people. Although this project has just started, it is expected to take just over a year to complete. DTC has undertaken similar projects at Lake Victoria.

In another fascinating project that is underway, Damen helped construct a building shed and also assisted in upgrading Pashaliman Shipyard in Vlöre, Albania. The yard was then able to build the Damen Stan Patrol 4207 and has subsequently successfully built and delivered two vessels and a third vessel will be delivered this year.

Last but not least, a Venezuelan yard upgrade is also being carried out at this moment. Damen Services is building a shed again, which will enable the shipyard to build Patrol Craft up to 42 m.

Dear reader, please note that position titles and job functions of Damen employees contributing to these articles is subject to change and description in this archive may, therefore become dated.

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