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A trusted partner and full services provider during the complete lifecycle

Reflecting a changing maritime world, Damen Services recognises that customer demands are shifting – customers are no longer looking for the right vessels alone but for total solutions. These solutions must ensure that customers achieve their business goals.

Predictable TCO

Damen Services Commercial Director, Reinier van Herel comments: “Owners and operators don’t want to just buy a vessel; they want a partner which can assist in increasing the overall operational efficiency. Nowadays it is not unusual to see companies tendering for the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the vessel for the next 25 years. A predictable cost for the lifetime of the vessel represents a very big competitive advantage for our clients.”

By providing total solutions, Damen Services has great insight into operational costs and revenues and can help optimise uptime, which ultimately increases the client’s profitability, he adds.

Clients do not just want to buy a vessel, they want a partner
to assist them increasing their operational efficiency

Closer to our customers

There are presently 100 highly experienced Service Engineers – “Damen’s Ambassadors” – travelling around the globe to provide excellent warranty services, amongst other things. Damen Services is ensuring that it is even closer to customers and can respond quickly by increasing the number of Service Hubs. “With 36 yards worldwide we are checking every yard and seeing whether it would add value if a Service Hub is based there. Certainly countries in Africa, Australasia, the Caribbean and the Middle East are likely to have new Service Hubs soon.” It is a continuous process, where we listen to our customers and look where we can add value throughout the supply chain, Mr Van Herel stresses.

Vast knowledge base

Damen has delivered more than 5,000 vessels over the decades and technical data and customer feedback from each and every vessel has been gathered by Damen Services. This knowledge is used for technical assistance to help Damen customers and for the continuous improvement of the service portfolio.

This knowledge base is accessible for Damen customers. Through the services portal customers can easily access information related to their vessel and the warranty period. If they need to replenish spares after initial provisioning they can also search and order the required parts online. Additionally, Damen Services offers training, such as maintenance, asset management and lifecycle costing courses.

Services for customer success

Damen Services is an integral part of Damen. “As a group we develop and design vessels, build them and service them. This knowledge is incorporated into the Services portfolio. Based on customer requirements, we combine our service products into a fitting service programme to make sure that customer goals are successfully achieved,” he adds.

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