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Damen Anchor & Chain Factory has launched a new mobile service

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Damen Anchor & Chain Factory (known as Damen AKF) has launched a new mobile service for carrying out testing and certification of lifting & hoisting equipment.

The mobile service, which started officially in April, is overseen by the Dutch hoisting and lifting association EKH (Erkende keurbedrijven Hijs- en Hefmiddelen).

This new service is in addition to Damen AKF’s in-house testing facilities in Schiedam, in the Port of Rotterdam. Damen AKF is certified by Lloyd’s Register and already has four calibrated hydraulic test benches with pulling capacities from 1 tonne up to 2,000 tonnes for proof and break load testing on all kinds of lifting, mooring, lashing and anchor equipment.

Initially, the new mobile service will be offered at Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam, Damen Dredging Equipment and Damen Shipyards Gorinchem. Damen AKF’s certified experts have more than 20 years’ experience with lifting and hoisting equipment and EKH testing procedures.

A broad range of equipment such as shackles, steel wire ropes, hooks, chains, clamps and everything used in lifting jobs can be tested and certified. At the moment this equipment can be tested on-site with a mobile test bench to 30 tonnes, but in the future this will be increased to 50 tonnes. Damen AKF also offers services for overhead cranes that need to undergo annual tests and inspections.

For heavier weights, equipment will be tested by Damen AKF at its own facility. Damen AKF can carry out tests for proof loads, break loads or calibration. Its four test benches are suited for a maximum of 100, 300, 900 and 2000 tonnes.

Reduces downtime

Managing Director Damen AKF, Laurens van Gelder, explains: “We decided to launch the new mobile service as it is much more convenient for customers. If we can drive to their location to do all the testing on site, it is much easier to arrange the logistics and have all the equipment at hand. Customers have their own way of working and of course, want to reduce downtime as much as possible. We have started off with weights of up to 30 tonnes and hope to boost this to 50 tonnes very soon.

“We can immediately award the certificate on the spot or say if something is damaged or needs to be replaced, together with a price estimate. And if the customer requires, we can repair the damage straight away.”

Lifting equipment at Damen Anchor & Chain Factory

Online database

Additionally, for customers’ convenience, Damen AKF will set up a cloud-based, online database. “Customers get their own personal login so can access the database at any time. For example, if they have an ISO or VCA audit, they can immediately see the history of the equipment, any repairs and its certification date.”

Mr van Gelder points out that many industries use its heavy lifting and hoisting equipment services, it is not limited to the maritime industry. One of its first clients was Huisman, which designs and manufactures heavy construction equipment. Other clients include Van Beest, which is maker of the GreenPin shackle.

He adds: “Although there is fierce competition in the market, we have a solid order intake for our anchors and chains, and I think this new testing and certification service is offered at a good price and this is coupled with unbeatable service levels.”

AKF was established in 1938. It was acquired by the Damen Shipyards Group in 2005 and became an autonomous unit in 2009. The company’s highly experienced repair team is on call 24/7 and it provides worldwide coverage. Damen AKF recently replaced the anchor and chains on a vessel in Shanghai for example.

As well as being compliant with ISO 9001-2015, the company has also achieved the ISO 3834-2:2005 standard, which is one of the highest welding procedures available. This means that it is one of very few companies in the world that meets Lloyd’s Register standards for the manual welding of towing chains of up to 95mm in diameter.

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