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Second life support for sustainable shipping

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There’s a buzz of sustainability in the world right now. Increasing awareness of the challenges facing our environment is driving a shift in attitudes. The maritime industry is no exception. Known for an ability to innovate, the maritime world has often responded to calls for greater sustainability with creative new technologies. However, there are other examples of maritime sustainability, some of them with a long history. One such example is Damen Trading.

Damen’s in-house brokerage started life in 1974, with the sole intention of selling used vessels from Damen Marine Services’ charter fleet. Its potential soon became apparent and Damen Trading very quickly emerged as an independent brokerage service, facilitating the sale of a wide range of Damen and non-Damen vessels alike.

“The principal aim of the service is to unburden Damen clients. When someone is looking for a new Damen vessel, the fact that Damen is able to take care of their old vessels for them, can save a lot of time, money and energy. Trading a vessel in against a new one also ensures the cost efficiency of the new vessel purchase,” states Damen Trading Senior Sales Manager Michel Radjiman.

Which is all well and good, but how does this link to sustainability, you may well ask. Michel explains.

“Nowadays you hear a lot of people talking about circularity and sustainability – this is a good thing. I think our industry has already made some important steps in this direction and undoubtedly has more to offer. The subject is one that aligns well with our values as a family company with a long-term view on things. In fact, it’s this same long-term approach that has led to the development of Damen Trading. In my view, we are already contributing to increased sustainability in the maritime industry. What we are doing is ensuring that used vessels that may otherwise be sent for disposal, are getting a second life.”

More than that, the vessels that pass through Damen Trading’s hands receive upgrades that can significantly extend their lifetime.

“A lot of the vessels that pass through our hands, before we sell them, we upgrade them. This not only adds value, but, naturally, applying the latest technologies to existing boats advances their green credentials as well – a lot of modern equipment is either aimed at or contributes to, greater efficiency in operation.

The service is only likely to get more sustainable as the vessels it handles in turn become greener. “Right now, we’re handling the sale of the Bis Viridis, a Damen RSD Tug 2513. She’s not called double green for nothing. As well as offering the extreme efficiency typical of the RSD Tug 2513, Bis Viridis is IMO Tier III compliant, courtesy of a modular conversion that can be applied to all Damen’s new generation of tugs. When it comes to sustainability, we’re really just getting started and we’re looking forward to the road ahead.”

Bis Viridis, a Damen RSD Tug 2513

You can read the full stories, along with more articles about sustainability at Damen, in the forthcoming Damen Magazine #7, out in May.

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