DISCOVER Magazine #7

Gas carriers for LNG market

Published in category: Seagoing Transport

The maritime LNG market has been described on numerous occasions as ‘a chicken and egg’ situation. This is because ship owners have been reluctant to make the switch to LNG because of the lack of bunkering infrastructure. At the same time, bunker infrastructure has been slow to get up to speed due to low market demand.

The outlook is changing says Bastiaan Schurink, Damen Shipyards Bergum’s Design & Proposal Marketeer. “Emissions regulations are getting tighter every day. Ships need to reduce their emissions – and one way to do that is LNG. Another important point is that the subject of LNG is becoming more and more interesting: both commercially and politically. There are a growing number of European LNG bunkering projects that have been initiated by well-known oil and gas majors.”

In response to these developments, Damen is promoting its range of Liquefied Gas Carriers for the transport of all types of liquefied gases (LPG and VCM in addition to LNG). With proven hull forms, the series of vessels will offer a broad spectrum of cargo capacities: 500, 1,500, 3,000, 5,000, 6,500 and 7,500m3.

“At the moment this is a small niche market – but it’s up and coming,” highlights Mr Schurink.

The European market is getting the ball rolling, and we expect these developments to continue in other regions too.

For example, the North American market is paying more attention to emissions. And the feeder markets in Indonesia and the Mediterranean are also interesting.”

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