DISCOVER Magazine #7

New waterbus

Published in category: Public Transport

On 20th April, Damen invited some of its contacts to Damen Shipyards Gorinchem to take a trip aboard the new Waterbus.

The slender catamaran demonstrates a number of fresh design features that make it a perfect solution for urban public transportation.


Its composite construction makes for a robust, low maintenance vessel, well suited to regular, intensive commuting operations. The Waterbus is highly manoeuvrable for added safety on busy waterways.

The design produces extremely low volumes of wash, which ensures optimum fuel efficiency and comfort for those aboard passing vessels. The waterbus provides comfort for all users. Passengers benefit from a spacious boarding platform and clear, panoramic views of their surroundings. Operators have the advantage of a simple to use joystick design.

The waterbus is available from 16-24 metres and can carry between 20 and 120 passengers. The vessel excels at versatility; multiple configurations are available covering shuttle, dinner cruising, commuting and sightseeing operations.

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