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Modern, efficient and environmentally friendly ferries

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Pioneering efforts to make sure Damen offers the most modern, efficient and environmentally friendly ferries to the market continue, as the group prepares to launch a modular, composite Waterbus, an LNG ferry and a new “Flying Cat”.

Damen Modular Waterbus

In an entirely new development, Damen Product Group Ferries has designed a fully standardised, modular composite ferry. Following strong demand from customers, this stunning, sleek ferry is entirely built from modules, therefore allowing clients to semi-customise the vessel. For example, they can decide where they would like the masts to be placed, the wheelhouse, or if they want an extended or short version.

To be officially launched in 2013, the modular ferry will range from 16 m to 24 m and can carry a maximum of 100 seated passengers. With a speed of up to 40 km an hour, the ferry type has been specifically designed for protected waters such as harbours, rivers and estuaries.

Henk Grunstra, Damen Product Director Fast Ferries, says: “Damen’s philosophy is based on having vessels in stock to facilitate the shortest lead times and to keep costs down. Modules from this composite design will be kept in stock enabling super-fast delivery times. The beauty of this design means that the vessel can be built anywhere in the world, if necessary.”

The Modular Waterbus vessel can be built anywhere in the world, if necessary

Damen introduces first LNG ferry


Continuing its Research & Development initiatives to develop cutting edge ferries that are also more environmentally friendly, Damen has designed a ferry powered by LNG.

The Damen 6616 E3 is a wide (66 m x 16 m) aluminium catamaran, RoPax ferry with a capacity for 600 passengers and 60 cars. Fuel consumption and CO2 will be dramatically cut by 20%, while NOx, SOx and particulate matter reduce to zero. Many other green features such as having a zero waste system, environmentally friendly coatings and solar panels are also included in the new design.

The LNG ferry carries Damen’s own quality brand – the E3 hallmark. E3 represents Environmentally friendly, Efficient in operation and Economically viable. These take into account the needs of the planet, the people operating the ship and the owner’s need to make a profit.

The ferry has been developed together with Rederij Doeksen, a company operating since 1923 with passenger and car ferries between Harlingen and the Dutch Wadden islands of Vlieland and Terschelling, an area that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A Flying Cat in South America


Damen is currently working on a replacement of the well-known aluminium “Flying Cat” ferry design. A new version, the Damen Fast Ferry 4210, is under construction in Damen Shipyards Singapore for a South American client, and is due for delivery end-2013. This vessel will actually be an extended version of the new standard because it will include a deck crane and has to be able to accommodate 250 passengers, cars and containers.

However, with a lot of interest already, Damen is building the new “Flying Cat” for stock. Two vessels are being built at Damen’s partner yard Afai in China, one with a Controllable Pitch Propeller and one with a Waterjet. This multi-purpose vessel is particularly fuel-efficient. It complies with the very latest safety standards, HSC Code 2000, and has a modern, spacious interior and fittings.

Damen continues to bring cutting edge ferry design to the market


Damen is also working on an order from Translink Seabus, a new customer to the group, for a new aluminium ferry to operate in Vancouver.

Damen won an international tender for the new ferry construction, which will be an updated version of one of the company’s existing ferries. Recognised as a super-efficient public transport system, Translink’s vessels operate from downtown Vancouver to the north shore directly into a dedicated passenger terminal, where they can berth/unberth very quickly.

To be built at Damen Shipyards Singapore, the 34 m vessel has a capacity for 398 passengers and will be delivered mid-2014.

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