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Port Fleet 99 becomes Damen’s first Bulgarian tugboat customer!

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With Alexandra Port Fleet 99 has become Damen’s first Bulgarian tugboat customer, though Damen has previously delivered a coast guard patrol ship to the country.

Privatised in 1999, Port Fleet 99 operates in Varna and Burgas and has a fleet of 10 tugs. The company recently embarked on a modernization programme and decided to invest in a new Damen Stan Tug 1907. It is important that the new tug is a compact, strong vessel because Varna port is fairly limited for space.

Ordered in September 2015, the new red, white and green tug, representing the Bulgarian flag, will be delivered from the Netherlands to Port Fleet 99 in May 2016. Damen will also assist with the training of the crew.

The Damen Stan Tug 1907 is designed as a modern and compact tug, to operate in harbours and coastal waters. Extremely powerful, with twin Caterpillar C 32 main engines, the tug has total power of 2000 hp, Reintjes gearboxes, 1800 mm, heavy duty bronze propellers and DMC Optima nozzles.

During trials, the vessel achieved a free sailing speed of 11.7 knots and via the remote controlled towing hook, an outstanding 29.0-tonne bollard pull. The tug has excellent course stability and manoeuvrability, thanks to proven hull design and the steering system with double plate rudders. The tug has a fire fighting pumpset of 300 m3/hr with a 4200 ltr foam tank with one fire fighting monitor on the wheelhouse top deck.

The wheelhouse has an all-round view, with a central control stand with radar, GPS, compass, autopilot, echo sounder, two VHF sets, Navtex, AIS, EPIRB and SART. Modern accommodation for four is provided, including a dinette, galley and two double cabins.

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