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Optima Nozzles popular in several markets

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Introduced in the late nineties, the Optima Nozzle has proven itself in several maritime markets. The Optima’s reputation – based on its ability to improve forward thrust, as well as having a strong reverse thrust performance – was made in the inland waterways sector but nowadays, the Optima Nozzle is proving equally popular in the shortsea market too.

Damen Marine Components (DMC), Managing Director, Steef Staal says: “Demand in the shortsea sector is being driven by initiatives to save fuel and cut exhaust emissions. This has resulted in ship operators reducing their service speeds to below 15 knots. The Optima 0.4 version, cuts resistance considerably, while still providing good thrust levels.”

As well as the advantage of optimizing forward and reverse thrust, the Optima has the ability to reduce noise levels and vibrations considerably. DMC is also supplying Optima Nozzles to four of the world’s largest ocean towing, anchor handling tugs. Caterpillar commissioned DMC to design, engineer and produce the nozzles and head box sets for the four sister vessels under construction in Japan for ALP Maritime Services.

The eight 5,050 mm inside diameter nozzles are the largest that DMC has manufactured with its spinning machine, using a technique that includes only a single weld. The 300-tonne bollard pull, 24,400 BHP vessels have two propulsion units, each in a CPP stern-drive and rudder configuration.

The nozzles accommodate a 5,000 mm CP propeller. Additionally, Optima Nozzles, with a 4,700 mm inside diameter, will be supplied later this year for two large, 17,000 m3 trailing suction hopper dredgers under construction for Van Oord.

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