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World Wide Supply receives rew PSV 3300

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Norwegian Platform Supply provider recently took delivery of a new Damen design featuring one of the latest hull forms which is designed for worldwide offshore platform service.

The World Diamond was delivered to World Wide Supply (WWS) to serve as a mid-size Platform Supply Vessel. She is the sixth unit featuring Damen’s latest PSV3300 concept, which is suitable for use as a PSV globally including harsh environments.

And it has come after close collaboration and design work with WWS and full tank testing at Marin – the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands – where extensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies and hull testing were conducted to verify the new ship’s layout.

The World Diamond was christened and rolled off the slipway at Damen’s Galati Shipyard in Romania after another unit, World Opal, was previously launched. They are two of six PSV3300 units being built for World Wide Supply and will handled by Remøy Management.

This new PSV3300 hull form marks a new departure for Damen, embodying several service-orientated principles: Firstly it represents the shipbuilder’s desire for a bigger part in the offshore shipping sector. It also embodies Damen’s E3 vessel concept: to be environmentally friendly, efficient in operation and economically viable.

Featuring Damen’s unique bow shape and a slender hull married to a diesel electric propulsion system, the PSV3300 concept was developed to minimise sea slamming – by up to 70% compared with conventional designs – and the ship also features new anti-roll tanks to improve crew comfort. Smooth surfaces and an absence of angles and recesses on the hull lines help improve the durability of coatings too.

And an optimised superstructure, with a more sheltered foredeck and a steel-welded wheelhouse mounted above the deckhouse provides better all-round visibility. Balancing a desire to achieve a high cargo payload – up to 1,520 tonnes which is 10% more than Damen’s previous PSV – but with the same speed with the same engine size, the new ship type also provides lower fuel consumption in both calm and rough seas.

Bow and azimuth thrusters and ducted propellers provide accurate DP2 station keeping in any weather while up to 782 square metres of cargo deck space is available, in an 80 metre long hull of 3,500 deadweight tonnes. Deck equipment includes a 1.6 tonne knuckle boom crane, and two 10 tonne tugger winches which are joystick-controlled.

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