DISCOVER Magazine #7

The Damen Fast Inspection Repair & Maintenance (FIRM) vessel

Published in category: Offshore Wind

Is a new development, which underpins our aim to create a new line of innovative offshore vessels. This vessel is specifically designed to achieve high mobilisation speeds in combination with a high functionality level with respect to repair & maintenance activities. A dedicated roll reduction system will facilitate optimised seakeeping behaviour at zero-speed, while the Sea Axe bow reduces the vertical accelerations and increases comfort at high speeds.


Damen has worked extensively on the hull development matching high-speed requirements, yet fulfilling operational requirements as well. Special attention has been given to zero-speed performance in order to provide a stable working platform. Typical IRM features are included such as an AHC crane and a 30-tonne module Launch & Recovery system using a moonpool. Furthermore, two Work Class ROVs are included, as well as an inspection ROV and ample accommodation for up to 100 people. There is also the option of fitting a motion compensated helideck, oil recovery spread and dive support system.

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