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Promar’s High Expectations On The High Seas

Published in category: Offshore Wind

Swiss-based shipping manager Promar has high expectations that international oil majors will continue to require high specification vessels as they maintain their hunt for offshore oil and gas reserves. Describing the global offshore market as “very promising” as majors continue spending on exploration and development to sustain production, Promar aims to support E&P activity with its bases in West Africa – in Angola, Congo and Gabon – as well as in Dubai in the UAE, backed by its Geneva headquarters.

Currently the company has a fleet of six multi-purpose supply vessels, thirty fast crew boats and provides bespoke vessel chartering. The company has more than thirty vessels under construction.

But it does not intend to stand still: Next year Promar’s fleet will be boosted by new Platform Supply Vessels built by Damen. “The global offshore market is very promising due to the continuous investments made by oil major companies, to keep their production at very high levels,” Promar says. “Investments and expenses are oriented towards exploration and production to satisfy a rising worldwide oil demand.

These positive signs …should lead to an increase in the number of commercial inquiries.” Promar’s opinion is backed by Barclays Global E&P Spending Report published in December 2013, which forecasts the spending to be $1 trillion in 2017.

Consequently Promar is keen to provide the right vessels for both oil majors and contractors, by keeping a close watch on requirements in the offshore vessel market place, and customising its services accordingly.

“There is no single best Offshore Supply Vessel (OSV) design because of the varied needs for marine services and the trade–offs between flexibility and economy,” the company believes.

“Thus our tailor-made commercial approach has been seducing an increasing number of clients and charterers.”

A process of constant listening and analysing client feedback allows the company to stay on top of offshore trends. Information sharing between on and offshore teams and continuous training is used to help deliver high-quality customer service. In the future, the company aims to continue with its tailor-made approach, offering high-quality vessels for charterers.

Promar believes this will lead to demand for new customised ships and a larger vessel fleet – resulting in more orders for Damen.

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