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New designs, new vessels

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Offshore developments

Damen Shipyards Group strives to design and build vessels with optimal performance to meet the specific needs also in the offshore oil and gas industry. To satisfy our customers and better understand the specific demands we constantly are in contact with the market assessing oil majors, ship owners and operators, defining trends, reviewing current innovations and investigating which improvements can be incorporated in our designs. These activities, aligned with our extensive vessel knowledge, have resulted in the launch of our new offshore series.

The series includes for example a range of five PSV designs varying in size, the new AHTS series ranging from 65 to 200 tonnes bollard pull, the Damen Offshore Carrier platform and Fast Crew Suppliers. Based on our experience, having successfully delivered the Jumbo Heavy Lift vessels, a number of pontoons and support vessels, we designed the new series especially for the offshore industry. These Damen vessels facilitate efficient and reliable operations, even in a harsh environment.

The PSV 3300 heralded a new era in the offshore industry for Damen when it delivered the World Diamond, the first of six PSV’s 3300 for Norwegian owner World Wide Supply in July. Jan van Os, Damen Product Director Offshore, says: “World Diamond opens a new chapter in our offshore strategy because it embodies the ‘Damen standard’ PSV for a fast-changing market.”

Extensive range

“Starting point for all the vessels in the new Offshore Series has been the new and distinctive hull shape which is vital for reducing fuel consumption,” says Mark Couwenberg, Design & Proposal Engineer. “Hull shape, coatings, the location of oil tanks, refrigerants, recovery of waste heat and engine emissions – all of these are part of the E3 concept, which stands for Environmentally friendly, Efficient in operation and Economically viable.”

Couwenberg explains. “We spent considerable time on CFD studies to investigate and simulate ship behaviour and optimize the hull shape. A model of the resulting hull has been tested at Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) to verify the results. The slender hull reduces fuel oil consumption, not only in calm water but especially in rough seas. Smooth surfaces and a distinct lack of angles, lines and recesses also have a positive effect on the durability of coatings.”

This new look has been successfully incorporated in a number of our progressing designs, which together form the new Damen Offshore Series.

1. Platform Supply Vessels (PSV)

highly efficient, large-capacity ships, especially suited for transport of crew and supplies to and from offshore structures. The vessels may be optionally fitted with: Fire Fighting, Oil Recovery and/or high class Dynamic Positioning installations. The vessel design provides a safe and comfortable working environment.

2. Construction Support Vessel (CSV)

offshore oil, gas and wind fields need specialised vessels to install and maintain subsea equipment. The Damen CSV 8019 is designed with a large clear deck, a large accommodation area and can be fitted with ROVs, a 100ton subsea crane, moonpool, heli-deck, etc. A larger vessel of this type is under development. The CSV 8019 complies with Petrobras’ requirements for ROV Support Vessels.

3. Fast Crew Supplier (FCS)

more than 70 vessels featuring the unique Damen Sea Axe vessels bow ranging from 19m-67m have been supplied. These vessels cut through waves maintaining speeds of up to 20 knots, reducing slamming and vertical acceleration by up to 75%. The latest variant, a Twin Axe Bow version, the FCS 2610, is making an impact in the windfarm construction sector, handling crew transfer in wave heights of up to 2.5m and operating at speeds up to 25kn.

4. Anchor Handling Tug & Supply vessel (AHTS)

part of the AHTS category, offered from 70t bollard pull upwards, the 200t bp AHTS 200 has been designed for water depths up to 3,000m. The vessel features a 670m2 working deck, extensive winch lay-out, ROV functionality and can be used for subsea construction. The Damen AHTS 200 design was based on the Petrobras AHTS 18,000 requirements.

5. Well Stimulation Vessel (WSV)

increasing the production performance of deteriorated oil wells is often performed by old PSV’s which have been retrofitted with the required pumping and mixing equipment. Damen has designed a versatile well-stimulation vessel in recognition of the fact that purpose-built vessels are increasingly coming to be seen as safer and more economical.

6. Oil Spill Response Vessel (OSRV)

an increasing demand for vessels which are able to respond to environmental disasters is expected, especially after the Macondo disaster. Having built a number of dedicated Oil Spill Response Vessels, Damen is working on a new type for this market. Like the CSV and the AHTS, this vessel is fit for the Brazilian market and incorporates Petrobras’ OSRV-requirements. Currently multiple Damen OSRV’s are being built at WilsonSons in Brazil.

7. Damen Offshore Carrier (DOC)

a 7,500 – 10,000 dwt range multi-purpose vessel with heavylift, ro-ro and offshore installation capabilities. It features 65 days endurance, 2,300m2 of deck area, and deck strength of 20t/m2. The vessel can be fitted with the Damen Deep Dredge system, for mining and dredging.

8. Multi Purpose Vessel (MPV)

designed to execute a great extent of specific tasks which may include coast guard duties, fishery control, fire fighting, rescue, oil recovery, salvage, wind farm maintenance. The vessel design-platform may be customised to suit specific client requirements.

9. Fast Inspection Repair & Maintenance vessel (FIRM)

this 120m long Fast Inspection Repair and Maintenance vessel has been identified as an answer to immediate response in case of inspection & repair or oil spill-, ROV support-, module handling –or crane activities. Either over board or through the moonpool by means of its launch and recovery system. The FIRM consist of a 800 m2 deck area and versatile deck lay-out including equipment. It caters for 100 persons and has a transit speed of 22 kn.

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