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FCS 2610 – safe crew transfer
‘Twin Axe’ Fast Crew Supplier 2610 quickly becoming “Industry Standard”

Since its introduction to the market in June 2011, the ‘Twin Axe’ Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 2610 has truly taken the market by storm and is fast becoming the “Industry Standard”.

Trial conditions? This Twin Axe catamaran has been designed for operability at sea

Jaap Gelling, Product Director High Speed Craft comments: “Damen always strives to innovate. The ‘Twin Axe’ FCS 2610 is sailing proof that investment in R&D pays off.”

The Fast Crew Supplier can already be seen at many European Offshore Wind Farms and because of strong demand Damen is building the vessel for stock.

Damen’s launch customer for this revolutionary vessel was Scottish Offshore Wind Service company Marineco UK. At the time of the first delivery the company’s Managing Director Mike Conafray enthused: “I truly believe that this vessel will become the mainstay of the wind farm industry in the years to come. It is the best boat in generations!”


24 under construction

And indeed since that first delivery, a further 15 vessels have been sold and another 24 vessels are under construction. Marineco UK itself ordered two more ‘Twin Axes’, directly after delivery of its first FCS 2610.

The ‘Twin Axe’ FCS 2610 was a further development of Damen’s highly successful Axe Bow concept, which was designed together with Delft University of Technology. The design takes its name from the side view of the bow: the keel line slopes down forward and the sheer line slopes up – strongly resembling the blade of an axe. The extremely slender and deep bow, free of any flare, provides unprecedented soft seakeeping characteristics. Where a conventional high- speed vessel bounces over the waves, the Axe Bow effortlessly cuts through them.

Mr Gelling emphasises: “Most high-speed vessels are designed for ‘trial conditions’ rather than the real world, which can lead to serious shortcomings when the new vessels face wind and waves at sea. These vessels have to slow down when waves become significant to keep the crew – and the ship – in one piece.”

Safe crew transfer

The ‘Twin Axe’ FCS 2610 is entirely fit for purpose and has been designed for operability at sea instead of trial conditions. The unique hull form gives unparallelled seakeeping behaviour and means that the vessel can travel at full speed (26 knots), while still providing a safe and comfortable ride for the crew. Extensive tests have proven that the vessel reduces slamming by 50%.

“The ‘Twin Axe’ FCS 2610 can handle a crew transfer in 2 – 2.5 m significant wave height with absolutely no problem and with no loss in her performance. With its excellent seakeeping ability it has already made it possible to extend the operating window considerably.”

Additionally, the FCS 2610 is ideal as a support vessel as it is able to carry two 20ft containers. The vessels can stay out in the field for up to four days at a time with a range of 1,200 nm.

Damen is proud that one of the most recent tenders from a leading company in the Offshore Wind sector stated that services have to be carried out with Damen ‘Twin Axes’. Proof, if needed, that the FCS 2610 is becoming a true “Industry Standard”.

Damen FCS 2610

Length o.a. 25.75 m
Speed max 25 kts
Speed range 20 – 25
Deck area 90 m²
Hull Construction Aluminium
Industrial Personnel 12-24


15 sold
24 under construction

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