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Damen Offshore Wind portfolio continues to grow and grow

Damen is developing an entire range of vessels specifically for the Offshore Wind Industry and many of these tailor-made vessels are already proving popular at Europe’s offshore wind farms.

In June 2011, Damen entered the crew transfer market with the revolutionary Twin Axe Fast Crew Supplier 2610, which is already heralded as the new “Industry Standard” (see separate FCS 2610 article on page 32). And following the success, Damen has introduced a smaller version, the Twin Axe 2008.

In addition to the successful Fast Crew Supplier, Damen has launched the Damen Offshore Carrier 7500, which is a true multi-purpose vessel, giving the ultimate flexibility. The DOC has a large, 2,300 m2 unobstructed deck, an endurance of 65 days and is highly fuel-efficient.

This new breed of multi-purpose vessel is ideal for feeding the jack-up wind turbine installation vessel, saving valuable time and it can be used in a feedering solution transporting Nacelles, Transition Pieces and Monopiles.

Another recent member of the Damen Offshore Wind range is the Maintenance Barge, which is suitable for construction, service and maintenance support. And research and development continues apace as Damen looks to serve this growing industry.

Cable layer concept ready

Currently, Damen is working on the development of an infield and export cable layer concept, which has been benchmarked with many of the major offshore wind players. The concept was finalised in March 2013. The vessel will be able to beach and is capable of storing a 5,000-tonne cable reel onboard. It is being designed to work far offshore.

New Operations & Maintenance vessel

In a further move, Damen is working with a leading turbine manufacturer to develop a new Operations & Maintenance vessel specifically for Round 3 projects in the UK. Peter Robert, Damen Offshore Wind Business Development Manager, explains: “Operators will not be going from the nearest port every day, the distances are too great. Instead it will be suitable to work in the field for a month and then go back to port for supplies and spare parts etc.

“It will have enough speed to be operated efficiently. With a Twin Axe it may take five hours one way to get to a port and this is five hours when the technicians are not able to do their job. This vessel will have excellent seakeeping ability for a comfortable ride and very high safety standards.” This new concept is likely to launch mid-2013.

Damen is also keen to add a foundation installation vessel and a maintenance jack-up to its offshore wind portfolio.

“It is our ambition to have a full product portfolio – at least in concept or an engineered solution – for every vessel type needed to serve the offshore wind market.”

Tailored Offshore Wind Workboat

The group is also looking into combining the strong points of Damen’s famous Shoalbuster and Multi Cat into a Workboat optimally suited for the wind industry. “Often Shoalbusters are brought into wind farms from the dredging industry and they are not tailored to this market,” he stresses.

“Ultimately, we are keenly aware that the cost of wind energy has to be reduced and these vessels help achieve this goal.” And as well as the many opportunities in Europe, Damen is eyeing possibilities in South Korea, China and the US.

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