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Damen Offshore & Offshore Wind portfolio

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Damen is bringing a new approach to vessels intended for operations in the offshore, wind power and sectors. The company believes that its expertise in designing and building a wide range of working vessels around the world, combined with a long-term outlook that derives from being a familyowned and run business, gives it an advantage over more specialist yards. The result is its new Offshore Series, the product of extensive industry consultation and exhaustive technical development.

This portfolio offers specialist vessels for a wide range of applications, from Platform Support Vessels from 1,600 DWT up to 5,000 DWT to Well Stimulation and Anchor Handling Vessels. Its extensive portfolio of Fast Crew Suppliers sets the standard for fuel economy and passenger comfort in even adverse weather conditions and models are available to suit every need. Built to the highest standards, all Damen vessels ensure fast and efficient operations, minimum downtime and low overall cost of ownership.

Vessels to match every need

However Damen also offers a wide range of models that exhibit maximum flexibility and which can be outfitted and deployed across a broad spectrum of roles. Oil & gas E&P, wind farm construction and maintenance, cable laying, civil engineering and more – Damen has the product range to support and supply operations. The Damen Offshore Carrier can be equipped for everything from cable-laying and transportation to RoRo, bunkering and even dredging. Damen Multi-Cats are compact, manoeuvrable workhorses invaluable for diverse support operations while Shoalbusters are powerful, multipurpose platforms ideal for towing and anchor handling, and can be fitted with ancillary equipment such as cranes.

Industry-driven design

“The starting point for all the vessels in the new Offshore Series has been designing the hull forms from the keel up” says Mark Couwenberg, Damen Design and Proposal Engineer Offshore & Transport. “Considerable time is spent on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies to investigate and simulate ship behaviour and optimise the hull shapes. Models of the resulting hulls are tested at Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) to verify the results. A slender hull reduces fuel consumption, in calm water but also especially in rough seas. Smooth surfaces and a distinct lack of angles, lines and recesses also have a positive effect on minimising drag and extending the durability of coatings.”

Damen also takes seriously the E3 ethos: that is, to be Environmentally friendly, Efficient in operation and Economically viable. For that its designers look afresh at everything from coatings, the location of oil tanks and types of refrigerants to the recovery of waste heat and minimising engine emissions. All these and more are assessed and appropriate solutions implemented.

The Offshore & Offshore Wind Portfolio continues to develop as customer needs evolve in response to changing economic and regulatory environments, but it always remains dedicated to flexibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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