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Turn the offshore downturn to your advantage

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Looking at the no-nonsense functionality of Damen’s PSV 3300

When Damen delivered the first Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) 3300 back in 2013, it was clear that this was a vessel that deserved to take centre stage. In terms of operational effectiveness as well as design flexibility, the PSV 3300 proved itself more than capable for the duties for which it was primarily designed. As such, Damen delivered multiple vessels in the years after its introduction. The company went so far as to build a number of vessels for stock purposes; part of Damen’s strategy to ensure short delivery times for its clients. This strategy is not without its risks however, and the onset of the global oil crisis has meant that a number of these PSV 3300 vessels were not sold to oil and gas players.

In what can be seen as a case of ‘when one door closes, another opens’, the slump in world oil prices has led to the PSV 3300 being considered for duties outside the realm of oil and gas.

Across the board features

“The offshore downturn has allowed the PSV 3300 to really demonstrate its versatility,” comments Lucas Zaat, Product Manager Offshore.

It is a universal platform – a perfect starting point to address the operational requirements of other branches in the maritime sector. In fact, its eye-catching powerful hull lines underline this no-nonsense functionality.


Indeed, many of the performance-related characteristics demanded by oil and gas operators – manoeuvrability, large open deck and proven DP capacity – are also key specifications required by other users too. For example, equipped with a (subsea) heave compensated crane, a PSV 3300 can also be mobilised as a Construction Support Vessel. With the installation of a helideck, a motion compensated gangway and extended accommodation, an Accommodation Support Vessel (ASV) can be achieved. Furthermore, with multiple Fi-Fi 2 layouts, deployment as a dedicated Fire Fighting Vessel is also a definite possibility.


A world of opportunities

Feedback from existing operators of PSV 3300 vessels have pointed out low OPEX, low maintenance, and superior seakeeping as ‘stand-out’ features. “And combined with Damen’s reputation for high levels of build quality and after-sales service,” he adds. “This enables a world of opportunities for operators from a wide range of sectors.”

Considering the substantial tank capacities of the PSV 3300 in particular, these suitably match the requirements for a long-range Humanitarian Relief Vessel. Further crucial aspects include capacity for supply of power, water, fuel and goods, in addition to the provision of hospital and communication facilities.

Research tasks are another potential role for a modified PSV 3300. Here the extended range being complemented by the addition of a helideck/hangar and storage space for auxiliary craft and/or submersibles.

Moreover, the large open deck leaves plenty of room for mission specific modules such as wet or dry labs and other specific mission equipment.

Modular add-ons

Of all the various options, it is perhaps as a Multi-Role Survey Vessel that illustrates the sheer versatility of the PSV 3300 platform. In this way, modular components allow for multiple layout options supporting dive and ROV support, hydrographic survey and oil recovery tasks.

With a number of vessels available on stock, design knowledge of numerous vessel types, conversion and newbuilding capacity, Damen is able to offer short delivery times for modified versions of the PSV 3300 at competitive prices. “In short, the low oil prices have resulted in value-for-money tonnage for a variety of maritime sectors,” Lucas concludes.

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