DISCOVER Magazine #7

Damen reaches out to market for feedback in decommissioning

Published in category: Offshore Oil & Gas

Damen Offshore has performed an internal analysis of the potential vessel needs of the offshore decommissioning industry in the years ahead, in recognition of the fact that a wide range of complex activities will need to be executed by such vessels. These will range from site-surveys, plug and abandonment, and cleaning to heavy lifting and site remediation. The analysis has shown that many of these activities will require vessel types that are closely related and/or complementary to vessels already within the Damen portfolio.

Using this knowledge as a basis for additional research, Damen initially unveiled a concept decommissioning vessel capable of handling structures of up to 1600 tonnes of topside weight. This allows for a vessel class that can handle the majority of decommissioning
operations in the foreseeable future while keeping costs within a reasonable limit. The concept also incorporates as many decommissioning functions as possible with a single vessel design. One of the major challenges that emerged during the process was the design of the optimal lifting mechanism, and an innovative conceptual lifting frame was introduced as the solution.

The Damen Offshore department is now working on a Mark 2 design, incorporating improvements such as enhanced seakeeping and stability attributes. This includes moving away from a monohull design, which is only suitable for operations in calm sea-states.
Parallel to these developments, work progresses in cooperation with industry partners to develop a simple but effective lifting solution, and a study is currently being conducted to examine the expected operating costs of the new vessel type and ways to minimize them,
so as to support the business case for such an investment.

More details of the decommissioning vessel concept will be released in the second quarter of 2017, and thereafter Damen plans to present a complete portfolio of decommissioning vessels, including barges and other support craft as well as the crane vessel, to the marketplace. In the meantime, Damen is eager to enter into dialogue with third parties to further discuss specific vessel needs and gather feedback, so that the best possible decommissioning portfolio can be developed.

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