DISCOVER Magazine #7

New Stan Launches embody spirit of Pushy Cat

Published in category: Markets

Although they may have a different name from their renowned predecessor, the Pushy Cat, the Stan Launch still embodies the same spirit.

Product Director Tugs and Workboats, Coen Boudesteijn comments: “The development of smaller workboats has a long history. The original version of the Stan Launch, the Pushy Cat 42, has a reputation for quality, reliability and robustness.”

The Stan Launch 804/1004/1305 are all compact and powerful ranging from 90-220 kW, and are comfortably able to achieve 8 knots. The single-screw tugs have full, electronically-controlled, Volvo D5, D7 and D9 main engines and Twin Disc gearboxes.

With more than 40 years’ experience and expertise behind the three Stan Launch types, the vessels are designed to be strong, highly manoeuvrable and easily manageable for a one, or two-man crew. They are suited for towing, mooring, line handling, passenger transport, surveying and pilotage. These versatile vessels are deployed in several sectors – for dredging companies, towage operators, pilot services, crew transport, by port authorities, oil refineries, for line handling and many more activities when a large vessel is unnecessary.

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