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New compact 80 t tug from Damen – the ASD 2913

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In February 2015, Damen delivered the first of a new class of tug. The ASD Tug 2913 is one of the most powerful in the Damen range yet is exceptionally  сompact, with an overall length of 29 metres. It is also the first Damen tug to feature a double hull for extra tank capacity. The overall result is a highly effective towing platform that complies with the highest safety standards and is capable of handling the largest vessels.

The ASD 2913 was developed in cooperation with launch customer Petersen & Alpers, the leading German towage company headquartered in Hamburg. The need to service the latest generation of mega-container vessels requires powerful tugs, and with twin Caterpillar main engines delivering a total engine output of 5,050 bkW (6,772 HP) to a pair of two Rolls-Royce thrusters, the resulting bollard pull of greater than 80 t is more than enough to handle even the largest ships.

Compact and manoeuvrable
Named Michel, the Petersen & Alpers ASD 2913 is now working in and around Hamburg, a harbour that is made up of a series of small basins and narrow waterways. In such an environment and with  modern trends towards even larger vessels for greater efficiency; manoeuvrable, compact tugs with additional power are needed today more than ever before. The ASD 2913 with its length of just 29 metres is ideal for busy harbours, but nonetheless has very good sea-keeping qualities, allowing it to undertake offshore operations when required.

Petersen & Alpers, with over 130 years of experience in owning and operating  tugs, contributed its experience to the finer details of the design, such as specifying an oil-fired heating system. For the two years following the signing of the contract, a great deal of effort from both sides went into designing, engineering and building a tug that would deliver to its owners’ expectations and beyond. For extra tank capacity, as well as greater protection in the event of a collision, the design features a double hull, which also gives additional safety benefits.

Fresh thinking
The ASD 2913 demonstrates tremendous performance as an escort tug. During such operations it can generate very high forces in the towing lines if required. The designs of the bitts and the fairleads are also uniquely adapted to their roles, with stainless steel castings fully integrated into welded bitts with 500 mm piping.

This creates a hawser friendly design that guarantees the maximum durability for the towing lines.

The tug has also been specially designed to ensure good seakeeping characteristics. Its large forecastle provides better sea-going characteristics in open sea and, as a result, a dry foredeck. The final shape of the skeg was determined by Damen Research with the assistance of Tugsim calculations.

Other innovative aspects of the ASD 2913 include fendering specially designed to withstand a pushing force of 80 t without damaging the hull. It also features a central steering position that, while it tows mainly over the foredeck during ship assistance, allows it to effectively tow over the aft deck as well.


A logical step
A new compact tug type with a bollard pull of around 80 t was a logical step for the Damen ASD series. The new model has push/pull capabilities and can be fitted with an aft winch as an option. It also has generous accommodation, capable of taking ten personnel across six cabins. Its beam of 13 metres makes it very stable, adding to both the comfort and safety of the crew.

The management of Petersen & Alpers elected to work with Damen on the project partly based its very favourable experience with their existing Damen ASD Tug 2411, which the company has been operating for the last four years out of Hamburg.

“We were very happy to be working once again with Damen,” said Peter Lindenau, Managing Director of Petersen & Alpers. “We had built up trust on our last project, and the whole package worked well for us. Low maintenance costs are important, and we had a good experience with the ASD Tug 2411 which requires only limited maintenance because the coating is such good quality.”

Crucially, Petersen & Alpers has a great deal of confidence in Damen. “We trust each other,” Mr Lindenau added, “which is most important. It is not just price, but performance, service and maintenance.”

Before the first ASD Tug 2913 was even launched, Damen had received strong interest in the vessel and its capabilities. Following  the launch of Michel, work is now underway building more for delivery at short notice.

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