DISCOVER Magazine #7

New additions to multi-functional Utility Vessel range

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Damen has several new additions to its range of Utility Vessels under development, which are ideally suited for light service operations.

Currently, two UV 3911s are under construction at Damen Shipyards Sharjah. These vessels have an unobstructed 200 m² deck and can be deployed for buoy laying and oil recovery tasks, amongst other duties. The two 39-metre UV 3911s will be available end-2017.

“Damen has also designed new types of Utility Vessels for the offshore wind market and aquaculture industry, Product Director Workboats”, Lodewijk van Os says. In offshore wind, smaller vessels are needed for light service work, including inspections of transition pieces, monopiles and foundations, or for handling small ROV and dive spreads, cable inspections and surveying. Here Damen is looking at vessels in the 50-65 m range.

The highly successful Multi Cats are already widely deployed in the aquaculture industry. But Damen is supporting the evolution of the sector by designing vessels more suitable for going further offshore, where they can assist with delousing operations and other activities.

Damen is looking at developing vessels between 24 m and 40 m. The development of the 24-metre Utility Vessel is nearly completed and  a decision on whether to build it for stock will be taken soon.

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