DISCOVER Magazine #7

Two ATD 2412 tugs delivered to Western Australia

Published in category: Harbour & Terminal

Mackenzie Marine & Towage (MMT) of Esperance, Western Australia, took delivery of two, twin-fin Azimuth Tractor Drive 2412 Tugs for operations in Bunbury Port, on the south-west coast of Western Australia. The compact, heavy-duty tugs, named Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin after local landmarks, have a bollard pull of over 70 tonnes.

That, combined with a top speed of over 12 knots both ahead and astern and a powerful aft winch, makes them ideal for continuous and effective harbour towage activities.

The ability to meet the short delivery time for the order was a key part of the contract and the tight time frame meant that MMT was not able to inspect the yard or the vessels that Damen had ready in stock before placing the orders.

However, MMT Managing Director Sean Mackenzie explains this was no issue:

We have built a wonderful relationship with Damen over the last 10 years so we know we can trust them to have the very best tugs and back-up support in Australia.

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