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Strong demand for pontoons and barges continues unabated

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With demand for pontoons and barges so strong, Damen is building more types for stock to ensure fast delivery times. And in addition the Pontoons & Barges Department introduced a brand new concept in 2012, the Damen Transshipment Barge, which has been developed together with leading crane manufacturer Liebherr.

Only recently a large shipment of pontoons and barges arrived in the Port of Rotterdam on a journey from China where they had been built by Damen’s specialist partner yards. And already on the 50-day journey, many were sold before they had docked in the Dutch port!

Arno van Boheemen, Design & Proposal Manager from Damen’s Pontoons & Barges department, says: “By transporting several in one heavy lift transport from our range, we keep costs to a minimum and this enables us to provide customers with a good price.”

Sixteen were brought into the Netherlands comprising:

1   Stan Pontoon 12032
3   Stan Pontoons 9127
1   Stan Pontoon 7524
4   Stan Pontoons 8916 ICE
2   Stan Pontoons 6316
2   Stan Pontoons 4113
2   Stan Pontoons 6511
1   Transshipment Barge 6324

Offshore Wind Accommodation Barge unrivalled seakeeping

When it comes to the new Offshore Wind Accommodation Barges, Damen has again invested a lot in Research & Development to ensure that the barges offer the very best seakeeping ability possible. Currently, the standard is 71 m x 20 m, which accommodates 60 to 120 people, depending on customer requirements.

Mr Van Boheemen comments: “They have very good seakeeping behaviour in both Baltic and North Sea conditions. Damen Research investigations have proven that these barges perform much better than conventional offshore vessels in helping to avoid seasickness and to give a comfortable hotel service for the technicians on board. They provide a very stable platform.”

In Dynamic Positioning operation the barge also has much more economical fuel consumption, he emphasises. “For offshore wind farms, where speed is not such an important factor and where crew comfort is vital, these barges offer a better solution when compared to a vessel.”

The barge can be deployed with an access system and a tender boat of the customer’s choice.


Damen Transshipment Barge ready in 2013

Innovation in the Damen P&B department continues as it adds to the already wide-ranging portfolio. In 2012 the Damen Transshipment Barge and an Accommodation Barge, specifically for the rapidly expanding offshore wind industry, have been developed.

The Damen Transshipment Barge has been designed for working from ship-to-ship, ship-to-barge or from ship-to-quay and it can handle either dry bulk or containers. This newly designed vessel is extremely flexible and fuel efficient, with a shallow draught. Fitted with a Liebherr CBG 350, the crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 35 tonnes in grab operation and an outreach of 36 m. Given its stability, the Damen Transshipment Barge can handle a turnover of up to 30,000 tonnes a day. Able to handle capesize vessels, the barge has a 750 m2, unobstructed wooden deck. This new barge is also being built for stock and will be available in 2013.

Building for stock

“Because Damen strategically builds for stock, this enables us to deliver many of our P&B products in just one month.”

Undoubtedly, Damen’s well-known Stan Pontoon range forms the foundation of the P&B Department. Damen Stan Pontoons are Lloyds Classified for worldwide use and are prepared in such a way that they can be built up with additional equipment such as ballast pumps, winches with anchors, spuds, generating sets, navigation lights, fender systems and emergency anchors. All of the pontoons have a hull shape that facilitates excellent seakeeping behavior and one or two skegs.

2012 proved a successful year for P&B. Some highlights include an order from Al Saad Engineering of Saudi Arabia for a Stan Pontoon 5224, which has a wooden deck and is going to be fitted with a Liebherr crawler crane.

And additionally a Crane Barge, measuring 80×25 m, with a 6,400 tonne-metre capacity crane (400 tonnes at 16 m outreach), is going to be tailor-made for a giant LNG Project, taking place in Western Australia. This order was placed by BAM International.

Largest pontoon ever built

This Crane Barge, ordered by leading construction group BAM, will be deployed on the project and then it will be followed by yet another Damen vessel – the largest pontoon ever built by Damen.

The huge 140 m x 40 m “Module Offloading Facility Transition Pontoon” (MOFTP) is being built on behalf of ALE, one of the largest specialist transport lifting companies in the world and AG&P International Holdings Limited.

The MOFTP has a depth of 12 m and has the ability to rise and fall to compensate for the 8 m tidal difference in Darwin by using air compression and water ballasting. This unique pontoon has ballast water tanks with a capacity of 37,000 m3. It will be used to handle transition pieces and modules coming from Asia.

Furthermore, an order has been placed for a Stan Lander 5915, which is due to be deployed in Gabon by Smit Lamnalco.

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