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Stan Tug 2309

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With more than a hundred 22m Stan Tugs built since the early nineties, Damen has chosen to upgrade its highly successful Stan Tug 2208. A complete engineering package for the new Stan Tug 2309 is expected to be ready in July and the vessel will be available end-2016.

The vision for the new improved Stan Tug 2309, which is ideal for harbour towage, pushing operations and line handling, is partly inspired by the popular Damen ASD tugs and boasts several similar features.

Rather than having a steering wheel, the new vessel combines ergonomic, modern port and starboard Glass-Reinforced Plastic consoles and a sliding chair, which results in better view lines and makes it easier to operate the vessel, Jean-Pierre Stevens, Damen Design & Proposal Engineer Tugs, explains. “Because it has no steering wheel but Follow Up/Non Follow Up steering levers, there is more space, enabling the captain to have a much better view from the wheelhouse.”

As always with Damen, the new vessel has proven and reliable Stan Tug quality, with strong hull construction, a high quality epoxy paint system and a maintenance-free closed cooling system for the main/auxiliary engines. The stability increased by improving the breadth which also resulted in accommodation arrangement. The new look is completed by the raised fore deck making the vessel more production friendly and minimizing “green” water on the fore deck.

The Stan Tug 2309, classed by Bureau Veritas, will be equipped with two upgraded Caterpillar 3512C IMO Tier II and EPA Tier II main engines. It has a Reintjes gearbox and twin-screw fixed pitch propellers in twin nozzles and high performance rudders, straight-line propulsion and 2200 mm DMC Optima nozzles. This proven technology guarantees optimal manoeuvrability and very good fuel efficiency, as well as low maintenance costs. This results in a 40 tonnes BP vessel, which can achieve 11.8 knots.

Suitable for every environment, the new tug comfortably operates in maximum seawater temperatures of 35°C and ambient air temperatures between -10°C to 45°C.

Jean-Pierre adds that the new design has an improved accommodation layout for the eight-strong crew. “It is designed for comfort and safety.” Complying with the latest international IMO and MLC regulations, all cabins are airy with a settee, large lockers and common sanitary facilities. Cutting down on noise and vibrations substantially, the Stan Tug 2309 is equipped with a modern, integrated heating and air conditioning system and a high level of thermal/acoustical insulation and doubleglazed windows in the wheelhouse and cabins.

Other features include D-fendering, LED navigation lighting and it will have 10% more fuel capacity compared to the Stan Tug 2208. Additionally, the basic design of the Stan Tug 2309 can be customised with extra optional equipment, making it capable of fulfilling a variety of roles to suit the client’s requirements.

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