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Scrabster harbour upgrades to a Stan Tug 1606

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Sandy_Mackie_Trust_Manager_Scrabster_Harbour_TrustSandy Mackie
Trust Manager,
Scrabster Harbour Trust

Located on the North Coast of Scotland, the port of Scrabster is strategically located at the junction of the North Sea and the North Atlantic. The original port dates back to 1841 and started out based on the white fish industry and ferry services to the nearby Orkney Islands. Recent years have seen diversification as the port has attracted both cruise ships lured by the dramatic scenery and the rapidly expanding offshore and renewable energy industries.

An ambitious programme of developments at the port started six years ago with a £17.5m investment in the construction of the Jubilee Quay, Tanker Berth and new Inner Basin Quay, which was delivered in 2013.

The additional activity at the port involving more and larger vessels has brought new demands on the infrastructure. In particular, the issue of navigational safety was paramount and it was decided that the existing harbour launch should be replaced as it was approaching forty years of active duty, and the acquisition of a state-ofthe- art vessel would deliver a substantial uplift in capability and versatility.

“We were looking for something that could be delivered quite speedily,” said Sandy Mackie, Manager of the Scrabster Harbour Trust, “and Damen certainly had an advantage that they already have established designs and indeed in some cases have vessels in stock.

The feedback we’d had from other purchasers around the UK was also very favourable in terms of performance and customer service both during and after the acquisition.” In terms of the specification of the replacement vessel, the key issues were bollard pull, excellent manoeuvrability and pushing capability.

The solution chosen was Damen’s Stan Tug 1606, which fulfilled all the requirements. Named Highlanders, “the tug is doing what we hoped it would do,” continued Sandy Mackie, “and it terms of current and future users that is good news. We are very satisfied with the vessel.” And looking ahead to the future? “It’s a big investment,” concluded Mackie, “but it’s a flexible vessel and will be an important part of the expansion and development of the port. We are confident that it will give us many years of service, and whatever the future may bring to us we have got a workboat that will be fit for purpose for Scrabster’s needs.”

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