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RSD Tug 2513 European tour

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Revolutionary RSD Tug 2513 makes ten-country European tour

Damen’s revolutionary new Reversed Stern Drive (RSD) Tug 2513 is on a tour of Europe, giving owners, operators, pilots, harbour authorities and press the opportunity to inspect the vessel for themselves in their local waters, to experience her performance and learn about her many advantages in terms of safety, efficiency and flexibility.

The voyage will take in more than 25 ports in total, starting in Malta and then moving through the Mediterranean via Italy, France and Spain. From there it is out into the Atlantic for Portugal, France again and the UK before heading into the North Sea for Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany and then finally Denmark. The tour started on 26 April and is due to finish in late July.

Revolutionary RSD Tug 2513 makes ten-country European tour

A new paradigm in harbour tugs

This radical new design has been created to meet the demand for tugs that are compact for harbour operations yet have the power and flexibility to manoeuvre even the largest vessels safely, quickly and efficiently. The RSD Tug 2513 combines elements of tractor tugs and ASD tugs to create a class of vessel that effectively has two bows, enabling it to always operate bow first.

The result is a tug that is not only equally effective at bow assists and stern assists, but is always sailing in the safest position. A Damen Twin Fin skeg gives the RSD Tug 2513 excellent course-keeping characteristics and the bollard pull is 75 tonnes ahead and 70 tonnes astern – impressive for a 25-metre vessel.

All this combined with the ‘bow first’ capability gives tug operators a vessel that is exceptionally efficient. It is a true ship-handling tug which can change roles between bow and stern assisting vessels without compromising on safety and performance.

The design brings additional benefits including a higher freeboard than is usual on a tug of this size. This improves safety and stability. The RSD Tug 2513 also features a wide range of additional features including the new Damen Safety Glass for the wheelhouse, a bonded superstructure to counter noise and vibration, and Damen’s remote monitoring system.

The tour has been organised by Damen, through its subsidiary Damen Marine Services (DMS), which owns and operates the vessel, named Innovation. Once the tour has been completed the tug will enter service in DMS’ fleet, available for charter along with other vessels.

RSD 2513 European tour

Tour schedule:

This schedule is provision and may be subject to change.

European flag The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 636146.
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