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Petersen & Alpers Launching Customer New ASD Tug 2913

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Esteemed German towage operator Petersen & Alpers, which is one of the oldest maritime companies in Germany, is the launching customer for a new Damen tug type, the ASD Tug 2913.

The new Standard answers market demand for more powerful tugs as vessels continue to get larger and larger and it has been designed as a highly manoeuvrable, powerful tug, ideally suited for busy ports where space is limited.

Peter Lindenau, Managing Director of Petersen & Alpers, comments that the company’s previous experience with Damen tugs led them to invest in this more powerful compact tug.

Based in Hamburg, Petersen & Alpers has already operated a Damen ASD Tug 2411 for five years and through a previous joint venture via its affiliated company Towmar Baltic in Klaipeda, Petersen & Alpers also has a positive experience of the Damen ASD Tug 2810.


“The ASD Tug 2411 is a good working tool for confined port areas. We are pleased with this vessel and our competitors have also bought them. The pilots appreciate them as well because they can immediately respond to their orders and our crew is also very happy about being able to give quick towing assistance. The ASD Tug 2411 has proven itself in being able to operate bow-to-bow when a lot of ASD tugs have problems doing this properly. Going alongside, making fast is also comfortable because the thrust is easily controlled thanks to the integrated slipping clutch.

“The new ASD Tug 2913 will be larger and much stronger but we expect her to be equally manoeuvrable, which is vital when there isn’t much space in a port like Hamburg which has small basins and when the vessels are continually getting bigger. And for the crew they have spacious accommodation – they almost have a dance floor it is so spacious!”

Mr Lindenau says it is also important for the company to be able to work with a shipyard that allowed it to have input into the design and they have worked closely with the Damen team on a very specific bridge setup. “We look very carefully at the ergonomics, we want everything to be clear for the master, engineer and deckhand when they are towing – they must have a very good overview straightaway of all the most important information and devices to be operated.”

Cost-effective maintenance is also important, he stresses, adding that the ASD Tug 2411 has very good quality coatings.

With delivery in Hamburg expected in January 2015, the new 80 tonnes bollard pull ASD Tug 2913 will be used to replace a 30 tonnes bollard pull tug.

The Damen ASD Tug 2913 will be built for stock.

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