DISCOVER Magazine #7

Non-linear finite element calculations performed for Damen fender arrangements

Published in category: Harbour & Terminal

Currently, standard fender arrangements consist of a cylindrical fender for absorbing the impact energy when approaching a vessel, and a W fender for providing enough contact area for disturbing the pushing force when operating at full power.

During operations both fenders will be acting together distributing the pressure over the whole contact area. The accurate ‘offset’ between the cylindrical fender and W fender ensures that the cylindrical fender will be able to absorb the energy of the first impact before getting in contact with the W fender. If the ‘offset’ between the fenders is too high, there is a risk of getting high contact pressures on the cylindrical fender.

Damen is performing advanced, non-linear Finite Element Calculations for every new design, taking into consideration the shape of the bow, weight of the vessel, geometry of the fender and different operational conditions. This leads to a carefully designed fender arrangement, ensuring comfortable accelerations in the approach, and safe contact pressure during operations.

Results from the calculations, show that contact pressures on the cylindrical and W fender during pushing at full power are being kept close to the recommended value of 20 tonnes/m2.

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