DISCOVER Magazine #7

New remote services deliver operational efficiencies

Published in category: Harbour & Terminal

Remote monitoring of critical assets is these days a part of everyday life, and the technology involved continues to evolve in its capabilities and sophistication. Ensuring that owners and operators as well as the crews have all the information they need on their vessels to operate safely and efficiently is a core part of the Damen design philosophy and service provision.

At the same time is the group continuously working to improve its alarm, monitoring and control systems. Damen has been using Praxis Automation Technology on its vessels for years, and the latest systems that it is now rolling out are building on that. One key feature is a high level of redundancy to ensure maximum safety; today Damen’s new on-board monitoring systems will run on four separate computers and two independent networks.

The integrated automation system will also allow the crew and engineers to monitor and control all the vessel’s systems from above the main deck, and present all the information available in a single view for rapid assimilation and decision-making. This is particularly desirable when towing, as it has safety benefits as well as an increased situational awareness.

Meanwhile remote connections continue to increase in performance, and owners and supervisors onshore will be able to monitor a wide range of performance indicators as well as alarms and other alerts. The resulting analysis of the data plays an important role in the identification of new efficiencies and forward planning for maintenance. At the wider level, it will allow managers to view the status of their entire fleets and make quick and accurate decisions such as which vessels are available for redeployment and which need to return to port. The new remote monitoring system is now in the process of being made available across Damen’s tug and workboat range.

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