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New Ice Class ASD Tugs

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Damen is set to launch several new ASD ICE Class tugs with vastly improved ice-breaking ability.

In 2001, Damen entered the ice tug sector with the ASD Tug 2509 ICE, which has proved popular with clients in Russia particularly. “The ASD Tug 2509 ICE and the ASD Tug 2810 ICE have been very well received. But taking into account feedback following several visits to customers, Damen has taken the decision to broaden its offering in the sector and make several improvements in the new series,” says André de Bie, Damen Manager Standards/Senior Design & Proposal Engineer.

The most significant change in the new Damen ASD Tug 2609 ICE is a modified bow shape, which enables the vessel to achieve a better entrance angle into the ice, giving it superior ice-breaking ability. Following tank tests at Aker Artic in Helsinki, calculations showed that the new bow leads to at least a 40% improvement. Essentially, with the same ice thickness 40% less power is required by the new tug.


The new bow shape will be a feature on the 40 tonnes bollard pull ASD Tug 2609 ICE and the new ASD Tug 3010 ICE, which will have a bollard pull of 60 tonnes. There will also be an ASD Tug 3412 ICE with a bollard pull of 70 tonnes but this is currently at the design stage. “We have a very nice standard ICE series now, with a broad range of bollard pull capabilities,” says André de Bie.

Further improvements to be implemented include a significant increase in the amount of thermal insulation used in the superstructure and engine room. “Given that these vessels can be operating in the Russian Far East, St Petersburg area, the Baltic States and Sweden, conditions can be as low as minus 35 degrees. Therefore, we are making several improvements when it comes to heating and insulation.” Double-glazed windows are being installed throughout and there will be heated windows in the wheelhouse and electric, underfloor heating in the cabins and wheelhouse making it more comfortable for the crew. “Damen is paying particular attention to insulation around the ‘cold bridges’ around the doors and windows as well.”

Pipes, hydraulic hoses and electrical cables will also have heavier steel protection on the working deck as often ice has to be removed by hammering or by being chipped off with axes.

In addition to all the ‘ICE’ improvements, Damen’s vast experience of heavy hull constructions, known and proven equipment – such as main engines, thrusters and winches – and high quality finishing in both painting and carpentry are embodied in the new ICE Class ASD tugs.

And because many of the new tugs will be heading to Russia, Damen now builds them directly tailored for Russian regulations. They are built directly in compliance with the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping classification regulations.

Several of the new ICE Class vessels have already been ordered. Magadan Commercial Seaport will take delivery of the first ASD Tug 2609 ICE in the fourth quarter this year and a second in Q2 2016 and an operator near St Petersburg has ordered two ASD Tugs 2609 ICE. The Swedish Försvarets Materielverk (the Swedish Navy) has ordered two ASD Tugs 3010 ICE, which are due to be delivered in the second half of 2015.

Another ASD Tug 3010 ICE is under construction in Damen Changde in China for a port in Russia. Several ice classed ASD Tugs are under construction at Damen and can be delivered swiftly to customers.

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